Matís - Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D

Organisational form: Ltd.,  organisation

Focus on: food

Major activities: sensory and consumer research, commercial contracts, consulting, training in sensory evaluation


Matís is a government owned, independent research company, founded in 2007 following the merger of three former public research institutes. The 100 employees are  mostly located in the head-quarters in Reykjavik but also in eight other facilities around Iceland.

Matis is the leading research and development institute in the area of food and biotechnology in Iceland. Matís' specialized fields include biotechnology, enzyme isolation, processing technology, traceability, genetic analysis, chemical and microbiological testing, sensory,  physical and chemical properties of food, quality and safety of aquatic and marine catches, feed technology for aquaculture and environmental research. Matís‘ vision is to increase the value of food processing and food production, through research, development, dissemination of knowledge and consultancy, as well as to ensure the safety and quality of food and feed products.
Matis has wide experience in managing and participating in European and international research projects. In addition, Matis has carried out R&D collaboration and contract research work for world leading industrial companies. Matis works closely with all sectors of the food processing industry and stakeholders through the entire value chain.
Matis has extensive experience in sensory analysis of food products and operates a sensory laboratory with trained sensory panel. Matis has wide experience in consulting and guiding the food industry in product development and sensory analysis. During the past years Matis has conducted several consumer studies using both qualitative and quantitative methods including product concept and marketing testing and studies on consumer aspects, attitudes, behaviour in net-surveys among consumers in various countries.



Kolbrun Sveinsdottir

Matis ltd. - Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D
Project Manager, Biotechnology and Biomolecules
phone: (+354) 422 5079
Vínlandsleið 12
113 Reykjavík