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Biotechnology in agriculture: perceived risks, benefits and attitudes in Italy

Saba A, Rosati S, Vassallo M (2000) (British Food Journal).

Charakterystyka jakosci sensorycznej kondensatow aromatu jablkowego uzyskanych z surowca o zroznicowanej jakosci technologicznej i skladzie odminianowym

Barylko-Pikielna N, Matuszewska I, Szczecinska A, Radzanowska J (2000) (Zywnosc) Volume 7 (Issue 2(23)), 5-20.

Comments on ‘‘subjective appraisal of loudspeaker directivity for multichannel work”, author’s reply

Zacharov N (2000) (Journal of the Audio Engineering Society) Volume 48 (Issue 4), 317–321.

Comparing information obtained from ranking and descriptive tests of four sweet corn products

RODRIGUE N, GUILLET M, FORTIN J, MARTIN, J F (2000) (Food Qual Prefer) Volume 11, 47-54.

Complete denture wearers : Electromyography of mastication and texture perception whilst eating meat

Veyrunes J L, Mioche L (2000) (European Journal of Oral Sciences) Volume 108, 83-92.

Consumer perception of food products involving genetic modification: Results from a qualitative study in four Nordic countries

Grunert K G, Lähteenmäki L, Nielsen N A, Poulsen J B, Ueland O, Åström A (2000) (MAPP Working paper) Volume 72.

Consumer percetion of food products involving genetic modification: Results from a qualitative study in four Nordic countries

Grunert K G, Lähteenmäki L, Nielsen N A, Poulsen J B, Ueland O, Ålström A (2000) (MAPP Working Paper ) Volume 7218.

Correlations between functional and occlusal tooth-surface areas and food texture during natural chewing sequences in humans

Bourdiol P, Mioche L (2000) (Archives of Oral Biology) Volume 45, 691-699.

Differences in sensory profiles of smoked preparations as an effect of processing method

Kostyra E, Barylko-Pikielna N, Borys A (2000) (Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences) Volume 9/50 (Issue 3), 3-8.

Dynamic methods in sensory analysis

Dijksterhuis G B, Piggott J R (2000) (Trends in Food Science and Technology) Volume 11, 284-290.

Evaluation de la fonction mastication chez les sujets totalement édentés appareillés

Veyrunes J L, Lassauzay C, Mioche L, Peyron M-A (2000) (Cahiers de Prothèse) Volume 110, 47-55.

Expected versus experienced quality: trade-off with price

Lange C, Issanchou S, Combris P (2000) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 11, 289-297.

Factors influencing the acceptance of food biotechnology

Rosati S, Saba A (2000) (Italian Journal of Science) Volume 4 (Issue 12), 425-434.

FLASH table canonical mapping of potato varieties

Porcherot C, Schlich P (2000) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 11, 163-165.

Flavour release of aldehydes and diacetyl in oil/water systems

Haahr A-M, Bredie W L P, Stahnke L H, Jensen B, Refsgaard H H F (2000) (Food Chemistry) Volume 71, 355-362.

Food choice of 2 to 3 year old children: an in situ study in a nursery

Nicklaus S, Issanchou S, Boggio V (2000) (Appetite) Volume 35, 206.

Food choices of very young children: the role of energy density and sensory properties of foods

Nicklaus S, Boggio V, Issanchou S (2000) (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition) Volume 54, 11.

Home placement testing of lamb conducted in six countries

Dransfield E, Martin J F, Fisher A, Nute G R, Zygyannis D, Stamataris C, Thorkelsson G, Valdimarsdottir T, Piasentier E, Mills C, Sanudo C, Alfonso M (2000) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 15, 421-436.

Influence of uniaxial compression rate on rheological parameters and sensory texture prediction of cooked potatoes

Thybo A K, Nielsen M, Martens M (2000) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 31, 25-40.

Meat Texture Characterisation: Comparison of chewing patterns, sensory and mechanical measures

Mathonière C, Mioche L, Dransfield E, Culioli J (2000) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 31, 183-203.

Modellansätze zur Lebensmittelqualität / Approaches to food quality

Dürrschmid K, Zenz H (2000) (ernährung / nutrition) Volume 24 (Issue 3), 119-123 .

Modelling of dynamic flavour properties with ordinary differential equation

Janestad H, Wendin K, Ruhe A, Hall G (2000) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 11, 323-329.

Modified Jack-knife estimation of parameter uncertainty in bilinear modelling by partial least squares regression (PLSR),

Martens H, Martens M (2000) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 11, 5-16.

Power of experimental designs, estimated by Monte Carlo simulation, Journal of Chemometrics, 14, 441-62. (2000). Power of experimental designs, estimated by Monte Carlo simulation

Martens H, Dijksterhuis G B, Byrne D V (2000) (Journal of Chemometrics) Volume 14, 441-62.

Prediction of sensory texture of cooked potatoes using uniaxial compression, near infrared spectroscopy and low field H-1 NMR spectroscopy

Thybo A K, Bechmann I E, Martens M, Engelsen S B (2000) (Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft Und-Technologie-Food Science and Technology) Volume 33, 103-111.

Quality of peas modelled by a structural equation system

Bech A C, Juhl H J, Hansen M, Martens M, Andersen L (2000) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 11, 275-81.

Sensory analysis in food research, quality assurance and product development

Barylko-Pikielna N, Matuszewska I (2000) (Acta Alimentaria) Volume 29, 255-271.

Sensory Evaluation of Walnut. Selection of descriptive attributes of high consensus between European panels

Sinesio F, Guerrero L, Romero A, Moneta E, Lombard J C (2000) (Food Science and Technology International).

Sensory profiling data studied by partial least squares regression

Martens M, Bredie W L P, Martens H (2000) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 11, 147-149.

Sensory quality criteria for cold versus warm green peas studied by multivariate data analysis

Wienberg L, Martens M, Brockhoff P B (2000) (Journal of Food Quality) Volume 23, 565-581.

Sensory quality criteria for five fish species

Warm K, Nielsen J, Hyldig G, Martens M (2000) (Journal of Food Quality) Volume 23, 583-601.

Tavoitteena räätälöity aistittava laatu (Tailored sensory quality as a target)

Lähteenmäki L, Heiniö R-L, Autio K, Katina K (2000) (Kemia) Volume 8, 645-649.

Technical, Economic and Consumer Barriers to the Consumption of Reduced Fat

McEwan JA, Sharp TM (2000) (Bakery Products) Volume 30, 16-18.

The effect of different prefreezing treatments on the structure of strawberries before and after jam making

Suutarinen J, Honkapää K, Heiniö R-L, Autio K, Mokkila M (2000) (Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft und -Technologie) Volume 33, 181-201.

The Green Piggery Initiative: market and society driven changes in pork production

DeGreef K H, Bonneau M, Dransfield E, Horst H S, Klont R E, Oude Lansink A G J M, Rainelli P, Surry Y, Veenendaal P J J (2000) (51st Annual Meeting of The European Association of animal Production. The Hague), 02-20.

The role of attitudes, intentions and habit in predicting actual consumption of fat-containing foods in Italy

Saba A, Vassallo M, Turrini A (2000) (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition) Volume 54, 540-545.

The sensory perception of flavor release as a function of texture and time: A time intensity study using flavored gels

Paalsgard E, Dijksterhuis G (2000) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 15, 347-59.

The sensory perception of flavour release as a function of texture and time: a time intensity study using flavoured gels

Pålsgård E, Dijksterhuis GB (2000) (J. Sensory Studies) Volume 15, 347-359.

Use of electronic nose and trained sensory panel in the evaluation of tomato quality

Sinesio F, Di Natale C, Quaglia G B, Bucarelli F M, Moneta E, Macagnano A, Paolesse R, D’Amico A (2000) (Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture) Volume 80.

Valutazione sensoriale del burro: risultati di uno studio Europeo. (Sensory evaluation of butter: results of a European study)

Sinesio F (2000) (Rivista delle Tecnologie Alimentari) Volume 11 (Issue 7), 80-87.

Variability of the masticatory process during chewing of elastic model foods

Lassauzay C, Peyron M A, Albuisson E, Dransfield E, Woda A (2000) (European Journal of Oral Science) Volume 108, 484-492.

Warmed-over flavour in porcine meat - a combined spectroscopic, sensory and chemometric study

Brøndum J, Byrne D V, Bak L S, Bertelsen G, Engelsen S B (2000) (Meat Science) Volume 54, 83-95.

Evaluation of taste compounds in water-soluble extract of goat cheese

Salles C, Hervé C, Septier C, Demaizières D, Lesschaeve I, Issanchou S, Le Quéré J L (2000) (Food Chemistry) Volume 68, 429-435.

L’évaluation sensorielle, objectifs et méthodes

Nicod H (2000) (Revue Française d’Oenologie . May/June).

L’évaluation sensorielle, un outil de mesure humain

Nicod H (2000) (Revue des œnologues N°97s. Novembre 2000).

Kuluttajien suhtautuminen vähäsuolaisiin lihavalmisteisiin (Consumer attitudes to low-salted meat products)

Lähteenmäki L, Urala N, Arvola A, Ruusunen M, Niemistö M, Ahvenainen R, Puolanne E (2000) (Lihapäivät 19.10.2000, HY/MMETT/Lihateknologian julkaisuja N°596 Publications of Meat Technology), Helsinki, Finland. (in Finnish)).

Intraoral food management during mastication of foods of different textures

Mioche L, Hiiemae K M, Palmer J B (2000) (78th congress of the International Association of Dental Research. Washington D.C. USA).

Instrumental thoughness of lamb from diverse European sheep types

Sanudo C, Alfonso M, Sanchez A, Pardos J F, Sierra I, Berge P, Dransfield E, Sebastian I, Fisher A, Nute G, Stamataris C, Zygoyannis D, Thorkelsson G, Thorsteinson S, Piasentier E, Valusso R, Mills C (2000) (46th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, Buenos Aires, Argentina p.184-185).

Effects of bran fermentation on the quality and microstructure of high fiber wheat bread

Salmenkallio-Marttila M, Katina K, Autio K (2000) (Cereal Chemistry on 2/9).

Developing & Marketing Future Foods - The challenge of communication

Lähteenmäki L, Poutanen K, Bergqvist B (2000) (VTT Symposium N°203, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Espoo, Finland).
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