ACCE International, Canada (Ontario)

  • Organisational form: private
  • Focus on: food, household, personal care, pharmaceutical packaged goods
  • Major activities: commercial contracts, consumer research, descriptive sensory panels, quantitative and qualitative research, consulting



ACCE - Applied Consumer & Clinical Evaluations

Mrs. Anne Goldman

2575B Dunwin Drive

Mississauga, Ontario

Canada L5L 3N9

Ph: 905-828-0493

Fax: 905-828-0499



ACCE is the "Consumer Guidance Research Department for Hire." The first and only consumer research company in North America to have ISO 9001 certification, ACCE provides the highest level of service quality. Established in 1986, ACCE is positioned to meet the research needs of marketing and technical management working with consumer packaged goods.


The results of our product performance research give our clients actionable research guidance and ensure the success of their new and existing products. ACCE research uses customised methodologies and experimental designs combining qualitative and quantitative research techniques with expert sensory evaluations to help identify the driving forces behind product excellence. Applications include product optimisation, advertising claim substantiation, shelf life evaluations, quality specifications, product fatigue, and product and process improvement initiatives.


ACCE is a full service research company that manages multi-centered projects with sensory, quantitative and qualitative research insights for clients across Canada and the United States as well as other parts of the globe.


ACCE has a wide range of consumer/sensory research experience across every consumer packaged goods category in food, household, personal care, and OTC pharmaceuticals. The ACCE team includes staff members with graduate degrees in food science, marketing, consumer behaviour, and sensory science.

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