Merieux Nutrisciences

Organisational form: private

Focus on: food, household products, cosmetics and fragrances, chemicals, packaging, textiles, automotive products, healthcare, services

Major activities: sensory marketing on product and services, consumer research, consulting, training

Merieux Nutrisciences offers a privileged access to human, sensory and emotional dimensions. It is a market research institute specialized in sensory and consumer testing. Merieux Nutrisciences offers a worldwide network expertise: China, Brazil, USA and Europe. Our expert team has professional background in marketing, food engineering, social psychology, and statistics.

Merieux Nutrisciences brings innovation support and advice to manufacturers regarding product development and marketing strategies. We tailor innovative methodologies to help manufacturers position a product in the market. We operate in all fields of industries: food and drinks, automotive, etc.

We also created a pole of expertise dedicated to Beauty and Fragrances. This pole beneficiates from a long experience of dedicated research managers. Merieux Nutrisciences offers a broad spectrum of methodological approaches, working with both, naïve consumers and expert panels (240 salaries sensory experts):

Quantitative methods: product testing, home use tests, sensory profiling, screening tests, consumer segmentation

Qualitative studies: observation of consumer behaviors, motivational studies, ethnological studies

Specific methodologies: preference mapping, Sensory Trade-OffTM, perceptive mapping, free sorting, recycling, Sense’n FeelTM, Consumer FacetsTM, cross-cultural studies. We are client oriented and dedicated to our clients’ success and we will be pleased to hear from you.






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Merieux Nutriscience

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