RISE, Sweden

Organisational form: research and technology organisation (RTO)
Focus on: food
Major activities: research, consulting, training


Rise Agrifood & Bioscience program conducts strategic and applied research on behalf of industry in accordance with an industry-driven research programme and in the form of joint projects.
We also provide an extensive range of consultancy services related to product and process development, quality, product safety, production efficiency and environmental matters. We offer a wide variety of courses for companies and we are involved in undergraduate and PhD programmes at universities and institutes of technology.
SP Food and Bioscience has approximately 100 employees and the business is based in Gothenburg (headoffice), Lund, Linköping and Umeå.

research strategies 2014-17

Creating the food of the future

Food and drink affect everyone. It could be said that food is the first priority for every person in every country in the world. We are all affected, but in very different ways. That is why research and innovation in the food sector is crucial and why SIK is endeavouring to remain a key player in this field.

The Rise research and innovation strategies have been developed in close collaboration with Rise's member companies. All member companies have been contacted and the response has been processed in collaboration with the Rise Industrial Committee.

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