Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK)

Organisational form: private

Focus on: Food & Fermentation

Major activities: Applied Research; Education; Training; Consulting


Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK) is situated at the heart of academic life in Tallinn, Estonia. TFTAK is an R&D company based on extensive use of modern analytical methods, systems biology, and synthetic biology principles, aiming at development and introduction of innovative food and fermentation technologies. TFTAK possesses extensive knowledge in food science. Activities include consultations for food production enterprises, packaging suitability tests for different food products (food-product interactions), development of methods tailored to meet the partners’ needs, and designing flavour profiles of new products for a specific group of consumers.

Understanding of how food sensory properties are generated allows to enhance or decrease specific sensory attributes for the improvement of the products on the market. To ensure success and high quality of performance, TFTAK uses instrumental-sensory platform of contemporary technological and methodological approaches. TFTAK is in possession of a sensory panel of highly-trained assessors.

Sensory analysis is used both as a standalone approach and in combination with instrumental analysis (GC-MS, GC-O) to tackle a variety of purposes (flavour profiling, product development, process optimisation, off-flavour development). TFTAK also provides private trainings on the use of sensory and instrumental approaches for food processing purposes (basic training, product-specific training, training of international sensory panels, product development and quality control).



Sirli Rosenvald, PhD
Sensory and Flavor Science
Akadeemia tee 15A
12618, Tallinn, Estonia

tel. +372 5071197
e-mail: sirli [@]