Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences, Poland

  • Organizational from: State University
  • Focus on: Food and Agriculture
  • Major activities: Education, Research and Consulting



Agriculture University in Warsaw

Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences

Dr. Eliza Kostyra
Prof. Nina Barylko-Pikielna (Advisor)

Nowoursynowska 159C

02-766 Warsaw,



The sensory laboratory at the SGGW (Warsaw Agriculture University), in Warsaw, Poland, is a section of the Department of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences. The laboratory became fully active in 2001 after moving to a new department building. The new facilities are fully equipped with the latest sensory and consumer research tools. The Department of Sensory Analysis of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ESN member since 1990) has recently been integrated into SGGW's sensory laboratory. Through this addition the laboratory has gained a wealth of experience, knowledge, and technical skill, along with a number of expert academy staff members.


The main task of SGGW Sensory Laboratory is student education. The staff conducts basic, medium, and advanced level courses in sensory analysis; the courses are comprised of lectures, laboratory exercises and seminars. An M.S. degree in sensory/consumer research is available. Parallel with its teaching responsibilities, the laboratory staff takes part in both in-house research projects and projects in co-operation with other organisations.


Two expert sensory panels trained in all major sensory methods, including descriptive analysis (profiling) and time-intensity measurement, are the laboratory's valuable analytical "tools". Both panels have wide-ranging experience with food and beverage profiling and testing.

In co-operation with the food industry, the laboratory is involved with contract research as well as sensory training courses tailored for the specific needs of companies starting their own sensory assessments. SGGW also provides consultancy services for laboratory design and organisation.


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