ESN meeting in Paris in May 2022

We are extremely excited. We just invited all our members and partners for the first face-to-face ESN meeting since 2019.

The pandemic has been shaking up the world, businesses, research institutes and businesses. But we have weathered the storm and continued to do what ESN does best: develop research ideas, conduct research, publish our results, and connect with each other – even though this happened mostly online. Every couple of months, we came together for webinars covering topics from gamification to sustainability.


The virtual connection worked surprisingly well. But … nothing compares to sitting face to face, exchanging experiences over a good meal and - as the evening goes on - a fine wine. Everybody who has joined an ESN meeting (whether it has been in South Africa admiring wildlife, in Norway looking at a fjord while dining on reindeer, soaking in the blue lagoon in Iceland, dancing folk dances together in Budapest …) knows that they are special and offer a unique opportunity of meeting colleagues, exchanging new ideas and coming up with challenging research questions.

After the two-year break, we meet at a special location that is not only close to the heart of our members, but also of everybody who loves to tackle the senses: Paris. One of the meeting hosts, Lise Dreyfuss, the ESN research chair explains: “I love this city… and am a real Parisian! I like the smell of the wet concrete when rain begins to fall at the beginning of spring, I like the noise and the liveliness of the city.”

À tous nos membres: nous sommes impatients de vous accueillir à Paris!