Raising stars in sensory science

ESN has started a new series, “Raising stars in sensory science”, to promote young talents. Meet Ninett K. Andersen, Carol Mosca, Vu Thi Min Hang ...


The field of sensory and consumer research is growing. One indicator for the raising interest in the field is the number of participants at major congresses such as the Pangborn symposium. This years’ symposium took place in Providence, USA, and over 1000 people participated. 16 years ago, around 400 people attended the Pangborn symposium, which took place in Dijon, France.

demand will continue to rise

One way to ensure that a research field is growing and thriving is to insure a healthy influx of young talent. The European Sensory Network wants to encourage young scientists to pursue a career in sensory and consumer research. There are many opportunities for careers in this field, be it in academia, industry, small and medium-sized research companies, or a food start-up. Due to the changing demographics, a growing population, an increasing interest in sustainable, healthy and tasty food, the demand for “sensory researchers” will continue to rise.

suitable candidates for job vacancies

To promote young scientists, we have started a series, “Raising stars in sensory science”, in which we introduce young and promising consumer and sensory science researchers. Keep your eyes open, these young talents are bringing new ideas and insights into the field. We also hope to provide companies and research institutes with a pool of suitable candidates for future job vacancies.

If you know about a talented young researcher you would like to see promoted, send us an Opens window for sending emailemail with the name and a short explanation as to why we should include her or him in our series.



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