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Correspondence Analysis in Sensory Evaluation

McEwan J A, Schlich P (1992) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 3, 23-36.

Could selection tests detect the future performance of descriptive panellists ?

Lesschaeve I, Issanchou S (1996) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 7, 177-183.

Critical evaluation of two commonly used techniques for the treatment of data from extract dilution sniffing analysis

Abbott N, Etiévant P, Issanchou S, Langlois D (1993) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Volume 41, 1698-1703.

Culture and odor categorization: agreement between cultures depends upon the odors.

Chrea C, Valentin D, Sulmont-Rosse C, Ly Mai H, Hoang Nguyen D, Abdi H (2004) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 15, 669-679.

Cytochrome oxidase activity in the olfactory system of staggerer mutant mice

DEISS V, STRAZIELLE C, LALONDE R (2001) (Brain Res) Volume 910, 126-133.

Daily protein intakes and eating patterns in young and elderly French

Rousset S, Patureau Mirand P, Brandolini M, Martin J-F, Boirie Y (2003) (British Journal of Nutrition) Volume 90 (Issue 6), 1107-1115.

Das essentielle Lebensmittel Wasser

Dürrschmid K (2006) (Mitteilungen des internationalen Arbeitskreises für die Kulturforschung des Essens (IAKE)) Volume 13, 2-11; 1437-5222.

Das Glück der Süße - Physiologie, Orte, Chemie und Zukunft der Süße

Dürrschmid K (2007) (DLG Lebensmittel) Volume 1, 10-11.

Data analytical methodology applied for training a sensory panel for evaluation of meat quality

O’Sullivan M, Byrne D V, Martens H, Martens M (2002) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 17, 539-558.

Databases, Expert Systems and Statistical Modelling in Sensory and Consumer Research

McEwan J A (1992) (Food Technology International Europe), 107-108.

De smaak van brood. Is lekker ook gezond? (The falvour of bread. Is tasty also healthy?)

Gemert L J van (1995) (Voeding) Volume 56 (Issue 10), 30-32.

Definition of the organoleptic properties of hard cheese: A collaborative study between Scottish and Norwegian panels

Hirst D, Muir D D, Næs T (1994) (International Dairy Journal), 743-761.

Definitions of ‘healthy’ eating: a Pan-EU survey of consumers attitudes to food, nutrition and health

Margetts B M, Martinez J A, Saba A, Holm L, Kearney M (1997) (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition) Volume 51 (Issue 2), 23-29.

Des représentations différentes vis à vis de l’alimentation, de la viande et de la santé chez les personnes jeunes et âgées?

Rousset S, Brandolini M, Martin JF, Bonin D, Lhoutellier P, Simon H, Vergote M, Boirie Y, Droit-VoletS (2002) (Age et Nutrition) Volume 13 (Issue 2), 76-85.

Description de la typicité aromatique de vins issus du cépage Chardonnay

Moio L, Schlich P, Issanchou S, Etiévant PX, Feuillat M (1993) (Journal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin) Volume 27, 179-189.

Descriptive sensory profiling and physical/chemical analyses of warmed over flavour in meat patties, in carriers and non carriers of the RN allele

Byrne D V, O’Sullivan M G, Bredie W L P, Martens M (2003) (Meat Science) Volume 63, 211-224.

Detecting individual differences among assessors and differences among replicates in sensory profiling

Næs T (1998) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 9, 107-110.

Determination of Equi-Sweet Concentrations of Nine Sweeteners Using a Relative Rating Technique

Tunaley A, Thomson D M H, McEwan J A (1987) (International Journal of Food Science and Technology) Volume 22, 627-635.

Developing a colour card for raw flesh of Astaxanthin-fed salmon

Skrede G, Risvik E, Huber M, Enersen G, Blümlein L (1990) (Journal of Food Science) Volume 55, 361-363.

Development of food variety in children

Nicklaus S (2009) (Appetite) Volume 52, 253-255.

Development of olfactory ability in children: sensitivity and identification

Monnery-Patris S, Rouby C, Nicklaus S, Issanchou S (2009) (Developmental Psychobiology) Volume 51, 268-276.

Development of the ETOC: A European test of olfactory capabilities

Thomas-Daguin T, Rouby C, Sicard G, Viguouroux M, Farget V, Johansson A, Bengtzon A, Hall G, Ormel W, De Graaf C, Rousseau F, Dumont J-P (2003) (Rhinology) Volume 41, 142-151.

Diet and growth effects in panel assessment of sheepmeat odour and flavour

Rousset-Akrim S, Young O A, Berdagué J L (1997) (Meat Science) Volume 2, 169-181.

Differences between sensory profiles and development of rancidity during long-term storage of native and processed oat

Heiniö R L, Lehtinen P, Oksman-Caldentey K M, Poutanen K (2002) (Cereal Chemistry) Volume 79 (Issue 3), 367-375.

Differences in sensory profiles of smoked preparations as an effect of processing method

Kostyra E, Barylko-Pikielna N, Borys A (2000) (Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences) Volume 9/50 (Issue 3), 3-8.

Differential human electrodermal responses to odours

Møller P, Dijksterhuis G (2003) (Neuroscience Letters) Volume 346, 129-132.

Difficulties in trying to eat healthier: descriptive analysis of perceived barriers for healthy eating

Lappalainen R, Saba A, Holm L, Mykkanen H, Gibney M J (1997) (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition) Volume 51 (Issue 2), 36-40.

Discrepancy between the expected and actual acceptability of meat products, eggs and fish : the case of older consumers

ROUSSET S, JOLIVET P (2002) (J Sens Stud 17) Volume 17, 61-75.

Do age differences in odour memory depend on differences in verbal memory?

Møller P, Wulff C, Köster EP (2004) (Neuroreport) Volume 15 (Issue 5), 915-917.

Do tastants have a smell?

Mojet J, EP Köster, Prinz JF (2005).

Does olfactory memory depend on remembering odors?

Köster E P (2005) (Chemical Senses) Volume 30 (Issue 1), 236-237.

Does the mind reflect the mouth?: sensory profiling and the future

Dijksterhuis G, Byrne D V (2005) (Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition) Volume 45, 527-534.

Drought effects on green pea texture and related physical- chemical properties at comparable maturity

Sørensen J N, Edelenbos M, Wienberg L (2003) (Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science) Volume 128, 128-135.

Dynamic analysis of sensory and microstructural properties of cream cheese

Wendin K, Langton M, Caous L, Hall G (2001) (Food Chemistry) Volume 71, 363-378 .

Dynamic methods in sensory analysis

Dijksterhuis G B, Piggott J R (2000) (Trends in Food Science and Technology) Volume 11, 284-290.

Dynamics of liking for flavoured crackers: test of predictive value of a boredom test

Porcherot C, Issanchou S (1998) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 9, 21-29.

Eating quality of meat from European & Chinese crossbred pigs

Touraille C, Monin G (1989) (Meat Sciences) Volume 25, 177-186.

Eating quality of pig meat

Agerhem H, Tornberg E (1993) (Meat Focus International) Volume 2, 159-161.

Efecto de la reducción de la concentración de nitratos y nitritos en la calidad sensorial de productos cárnicos crudo-curados

Lorente M, Villegas B, Sánchez MJ (2011) (Eurocarne) Volume 194, 74-79.

Effect of a holistic meal and ambiance concept on main meal enjoyment and food intake of Dutch nursing home residents: A pilot study

Kremer S, Derks J, Nijenhuis-De Vries M, Boer EPJ, Gorselink M (2012) (Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice) Volume 1 (Issue 3), 237-244.

Effect of cold maceration, stem return, re-heating and mannoprotein addition on color stabilization of 'Pinot noir' wines

C de la Barra, K Hackl, K Dürrschmid, R Eder, KD Kulbe (2005) (Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg) Volume 55 (Issue 5-6), 140-147.

Effect of commercial marinades on the mutagenic activity, sensory quality and amount of heterocyclic amines in chicken grilled under different conditions

Tikkanen L M, Latva-Kala K J, Heiniö R-L (1996) (Food and Chemical Toxicology) Volume 34, 725-730.

Effect of concentration on taste-taste interactions in food for elderly and young subjects

Mojet J, Heidema J, Christ-Hazelhof E (2004) (Chem. Senses) Volume 29, 671-681.

Effect of drying treatment conditions on the sensory profile of germinated oat

Heiniö R L, Oksman-Caldentey K M, Latva-Kala K, Poutanen K (2001) (Cereal Chemistry) Volume 78 (Issue 6), 707-714.

Effect of enzymatic treatment on tenderness characteristics of freeze-dried meat

Quaglia G B, Lombardi M, Sinesio F, Bertone A, Menesatti P (1992) (Lebensmittel -Wissenschaft und Technology) Volume 25 (Issue 2), 143-145.

Effect of fat content on odor intensity of three aroma compounds in model emulsions: delta-decalactone, diacetyl, and butyric acid

Guyot C, Bonnafont C, Lesschaeve I, Issanchou S, Voilley A, Spinnler H E (1996) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Volume 44, 2341-2348.

Effect of fibre information on consumer willingness to pay for French baguettes

Ginon E, Loheac Y, Martin C, Combris P, Issanchou S (2009) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 20, 343-352.

Effect of grass or concentrate feeding systems on lamb carcass and meat quality

PRIOLO A, MICOL D, AGABRIEL J, PRACHE S, DRANSFIELD E (2002) (Meat Sci) Volume 62, 179-185.

Effect of heat-treatment conditions of germinated oat on its sensory profile

Heiniö R-L, Oksman-Caldenty K-M, Latva-Kala K, Lehtinen P, Poutanen K (2001) (Cereal Chemistry) Volume submitted.

Effect of Méthode Champenoise Process on Aroma of Four V.vinifera Varieties

de la Presa-Owens C, Schlich P, Davies H, Noble A C (1998) (American Journal of Enology and Viticulture) Volume 49, 289-294.
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