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Consumer acceptance of cheese, influence of different testing conditions

M. Hersleth, Ø. Ueland, H. Allain, T. Næs (2005) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 16, 103-110.

Do tastants have a smell?

Mojet J, EP Köster, Prinz JF (2005).

Does olfactory memory depend on remembering odors?

Köster E P (2005) (Chemical Senses) Volume 30 (Issue 1), 236-237.

Does the mind reflect the mouth?: sensory profiling and the future

Dijksterhuis G, Byrne D V (2005) (Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition) Volume 45, 527-534.

Effect of cold maceration, stem return, re-heating and mannoprotein addition on color stabilization of 'Pinot noir' wines

C de la Barra, K Hackl, K Dürrschmid, R Eder, KD Kulbe (2005) (Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg) Volume 55 (Issue 5-6), 140-147.

Effect of the replacement of gelatin on the sensory properties and rheology of mousses

S. Chapman, C. Gilbert, S. Sahi and C. Saraiva (2005) (CCFRA Confidential R & D Report) Volume 210.

Evaluation of fresh cut conference pears coated with Natureseal.

L. Potter, L. Bradly, S. Chapman (2005) (CCFRA R&D Report) Volume 208.

Food choice at lunch during the third year of life: increase in energy intake but decrease in variety

Nicklaus S, Chabanet C, Boggio V, Issanchou S (2005) (Acta Pædiatrica) Volume 94, 1023-1029.

Growth and sensory characteristics of organically reared broilers differing in strain, sex and at slaughter

Horsted K, Henning J U KHermansen J E (2005) (Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica) Volume 55 (Issue 4), 149-157.

I test di estensibilità dell’impasto su piccola scala per la previsione della qualità del pane (Micro-scale extension test of wheat flour dough for the prediction of bread quality.

Paoletti F, Nardo N, Moneta E, Peparaio M, Sinesio F, Comendador F J (2005) (Tecnica Molitoria) Volume 2005 (Issue 12), 1300-1307.

Identification of chemicals, possibly originating from misuse of refillable PET bottles, responsible for consumer complaints about off-odours in water and soft drinks.

Widén, H, Leufven, A, Nielsen, T (2005) (Food Additives and Contaminants) Volume 22 (Issue 7), 681-692.

Lebensmittel als Kommunikationsmittel - Die semiotische Lebensmittelqualität / Food as a means of Communication - The semiotic Quality of Food

Dürrschmid K (2005) (Ernährung / nutrition) Volume 29 (Issue 3), 125-127; 0250-1554 .

Modelling of thickness of semi-liquid foods

Terpstra MEJ; Janssen AM; Prinz J; de Wijk RA; Weenen H, van der Linden E (2005) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 36 (Issue 2), 213-233 .

Odor naming methodology: Correct identification with multiple-choice versus repeatable identification in a free task

Sulmont-Rossé C, Issanchou S, Köster EP (2005) (Chemical Senses) Volume 30, 23-27.

Oxygen- and light-barrier properties of thermoformed packageing materials used for modified atmosphere packaging: Evaluation of performance under realistic storage conditions

Jakobsen M, Kurtmann L, Juncher D, Miquel Becker E, Risbo J (2005) (Packaging Technology and Science) Volume 18, 265-272.

Perception of bread: A comparison of consumers and trained assessors

M. Hersleth, R. Berggren, F. Westad, M. Martens (2005) (Journal of Food Science) Volume 70 (Issue 2), 95-101 .

Perception of cheese: a comparison of quality scoring, descriptive analysis and consumer responses

Hersleth M, Ilseng M A, Martens M, Næs T (2005) (Journal of Food Quality) Volume 28, 333-349.

Perception of texture and flavor in soups by elderly and young subjects

Kremer S, Mojet J, Kroeze JHA (2005) (J Texture Studies) Volume 36, 255-272.

Reducing the sodium content in meat products: The effect of formulation in low-sodium ground meat patties

Ruusunen M, Vainionpää J, Lyly M, Lähteenmäki L, Niemistö M, Ahvenainen R, Puolanne E (2005) (Meat science) Volume 69, 53-60.

Regression of a data matrix on descriptors of both its rows and of its columns via latent variables: L-PLSR

Martens H, Anderssen E, Flatberg, A, Gidskehaug L H, Hoy M, Westad F, Thybo A, Martens M (2005) (Computational Statistics & Data Analysis) Volume 48 (Issue 1), 103-123.

Semantic, typicality and odor representation: A cross-cultural study

Chrea C, Valentin D, Sulmont-Rossé C, Nguyen DH, Abdi H (2005) (Chemical Senses) Volume 30, 37-49.

Sensory based quality control utilising an electronic nose and GC-MS analyses to predict end-product quality from raw materials

Hansen T, Petersen M A, Byrne D V (2005) (Meat Science) Volume 69, 621-634.

Sensory measurement of dynamic flavour intensity in ice cream with different fat levels and flavourings

Bom Frøst M, Heymann H, Bredie WLP, Dijksterhuis GB, Martens M (2005) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 16 (Issue 4), 305-314.

Sensory memory and food texture

Mojet J, Köster EP (2005) (Food Qual. Pref.) Volume 16, 251-266.

Sensory sub-attributes of creamy mouthfeel in commercial mayonnaises, custard desserts and sauces

Weenen H, Jellema RH, de Wijk RA (2005) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 16, 163-170.

Taste perception with age: pleasantness and its relationships with threshold sensitivity and supra-threshold intensity of five taste qualities

Mojet J, Christ-Hazelhof E, Heidema J (2005) (Food Qual. Pref.) Volume 16, 413-423.

Temperature effect on lactose crystallization, maillard reactions, and lipid oxidation in whole milk powder

Thomsen M, Lauridsen L, Skibsted L H, Risbo J (2005) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Volume 53 (Issue 18), 7082-7090.

The dynamic sensory evaluation of bitterness and pungency in virgin olive oil

Sinesio F, Moneta E, Esti M (2005) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 16, 557-564.

Two types of radicals in whole milk powder: effect of lactose crystallization, lipid oxidation, and browning reactions

Thomsen M K, Lauridsen L, Skibsted L H, Risbo J (2005) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Volume 53 (Issue 5), 1805-1811.

Univariate and multivariate modelling of flavour release in chewing gum using time-intensity: A comparison of data analytical methods

Ovejero-Lopez I, Bro R, Bredie W L P (2005) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 16 (Issue 4), 327-343.

Key sensory attributes and visual and flavour references for sensory assessment of PDO Mozzarella di Bufala cheese

Sinesio F, Moneta E, Peparaio M, Comendador FJ (2005) (Proceedings of the 6th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, 7-11 August 2005, Harrogate, UK. p.76).

Importance of flavour attributes in carnot/fruit mixed nectars for their overall sensory quality

Wasiak-Zys G, Baryłko-Pikielna N, Kostyra E (2005) (Culinary Arts and Science V. Global and National Perspectives. (editors. Edwards J.S.A., Kowrygo B., Rejman K.), 655-664).

Flavour release from model systems – In vitro and in vivo instrumental measurements

Haahr A-M (2005) (Centre for Advanced Food Studies Technical University of Denmark and Department of Food Science).

Exploring sensory properties of Frascati Superiore DOC wine using Correspondence Analysis

Sinesio F, Moneta E, Peparaio M, Esti M (2005) (Proceedings of the 6th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, 7-11 August 2005, Harrogate, UK. p.77).

Enzyme-aided modification of perceived flavour and texture of microwave-heated beefburgers

Heiniö RL, Mustranta A, Lille M, Lantto R, Katina K, Lähteenmäki L (2005) (State-of-the-Art in Flavour Chemistry and Biology. Hofmann T, Rothe M, Schieberle P (Eds). Proc. 7th Wartburg Symp. on Flavour Chemistry & Biology, Eisenach, 21-23 April 2004. Garching: Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Lebensmittelchemie, 469-472).

Electronic nose for prediction of the sensory quality of meat products

Vestergaard J S (2005) (Ph.d.-afhandling. Copenhagen: The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Department of Food Science, Sensory Science).

Comparison of Product Specific Sensory Training Methods

Kuti T, Hegyi A, Megáll N, Kemény S (2005) (Lippay-Ormos-Vas Scientific Conference, 19-20 Oct. 2005, Budapest).

Caratterizzazione sensoriale del “pomodoro seccagno di Valledolmo (Sensory characteristics of drought resistant varieties of tomatoes

Comendador FJ, Moneta E, Peparaio M, Sinesio F (2005) (7th Congresso Italiano di Scienza e Tecnologia degli Alimenti (CISETA), 19-21 September 2005, Cernobbio, Italy).

Caratteristiche reologiche e di texture di Mozzarella di bufala campana DOP (Reological and textural characteristics of PDO Mozzarella di Bufala campana)

Paoletti F., Nardo N., Sinesio F, Comendador FJ, Moneta E, Peparaio M, Manzi P, Marconi S, Pizzoferrato L (2005) (7th Congresso Italiano di Scienza e Tecnologia degli Alimenti (CISETA), 19-21 September 2005, Cernobbio, Italy).

New psychology based training programmes for improving effectiveness of the sensory benchmarking method

Megáll N, Hegyi A, Kuti T, Kemény S (2005) (Proceedings of the 6th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, Harrogate, UK).

Paradies und Sintflut - Informationen über Lebensmittel aus psychologischer Sicht

Dürrschmid K (2005) (Mitteilungen des Internationalen Arbeitskreises für die Kulturforschung des Essens (IAKE), 12, 59f).

Prediction of creamy mouthfeel based on texture attribute ratings of dairy desserts

Weenen H, Jellema RH, de Wijk RA (2005) (Weenen H, Shahidi F (Eds.): Flavour and texture of lipid containing foods. American Chemical Society, Washington DC).

Preventing lipid oxidation during recovery of functional proteins from herring (Clupea harengus) fillets by an acid solubilization process

Undeland I, Hall G, Wendin K, Gangby I, Rutgersson A (2005) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53 (2005) 14, 5625-5634).

Retronasal flavour measurements and perception of foods

Ovejero Lopez I (2005) (Den Kgl. Veterinær og Landbohøjskole, Fødevarevidenskab, Sensorisk Videnskab).

Ricerca esplorativa sulla relazione tra la qualità sensoriale attesa e quella percepita in un biscotto di farro di produzione industriale (Explorative study on the relationships of expected and perceived sensory quality in industrial emmer wheat biscuits

Comendador FJ, Moneta E, Peparaio M, Sinesio F (2005) (6th Convegno della Associazione Italiana di Scienza e Tecnologia dei Cereali (AISTEC), 16-18 June 2005, Valenzano, Italy).

Sensory evaluation in Enciclopedia of Analytical Science

Sinesio F (2005) (2nd edition Elsevier Limited, London, 2005 pp.283-290).

Smagens fysiologi

Møller P, Meyer C, Pedersen T,Martens M (2005) (I: Menneskets ernæring. Fra molekylærbiologi til sociologi. Astrup, Stender, Dyerberg (eds.) Munksgaard, kap. 36, 423-431).

Studio delle proprietà sensoriali di oli di oliva vergini laziali (Study of the sensory properties of virgin olive oil of Lazio Region)

Moneta E, Comendador FJ, Peparaio M, Sinesio F (2005) (7th Congresso Italiano di Scienza e Tecnologia degli Alimenti (CISETA), 19-21 September 2005, Cernobbio, Italy).

The role of fats in friction and lubrication.

Prinz J.F, de Wijk RA (2005) (Weenen H, Shahidi F (Eds): Flavour and texture of lipid containing foods. American Chemical Society, Washington DC).

The role of friction in perceived oral texture

de Wijk RA, Prinz JF (2005) (Food Quality and Preference, 16, 121-129).
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