Training DVD: Sensory Evaluation in the Innovation Process

The English version of the training DVD “Sensory Evaluation in the Innovation Process” is now available. This DVD has been jointly developed by four reputable partners:

  • Institute for Sensory Analysis and Innovation Consultancy (ISI GmbH); Göttingen
  • Symrise GmbH & Co. KG
  • University of Applied Sciences (“Hochschule Harz”); Wernigerode
  • Behr's Verlag (publishing house)

The DVD provides a state-of-the-art overview about the benefits of Sensory Evaluation for the development for successful food products. It is structured in different chapters :

1. What is sensory research?

2. Difference tests

3. Affective tests

4. Descriptive Analysis

5. Linking the data

which allow selective learning units. Users from R&D, Marketing and teaching benefit from this DVD as it applies an integrated perspective and uses the innovation process and the problem-specific research questions as an anchor for all chapters. A further interesting feature is the interactive glossary which allows getting detailed explanations of the used terms if required.

The shots for the DVD have been made at different locations (e.g. Bitburger Brewery; Bahlsen; Symrise); ensuring that a broad spectrum of examples for the application of the Sensory toos in practice are given.

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Photo: zhong/aumkii