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We regularily ask our members about news and trends in the field of sensory and consumer science and turn their answers into short videos. We have more videos of talks, workshops, conferences etc. Most of them are exclusively for our members, but some you can find here and on our ESN youtube channel (including a playlist of general videos around sensory science).

A new take on texture: Food oral processing
Markus Stieger talks about his research on food oral processing: What is food oral processing? Which methods are used to investigate it? What do the results mean for consumers, research and industry? How can it help people to eat healthier? (October 2018)

An integrative approach
Patricia Silva talks about her latest project: sensory and emotional profiling of wine, beer, and non-alcoholoc beer. A collaboration of Wageningen University and Catholic University of Portugal. (August 2018)

ESN shorts: Trends in Sensory
Ludovic Depoortere talks about an important trend in sensory research: plant-based food. (September 2018)

The magic water test
Valerie Lengard Almli taks about a new method to measure the sense of taste in small children. (May 2018)

Virtual reality and sensory science: the beach study
Alexandra Kraus talks about the study: Desires for beverages and liking of skin care product odors in imaginative and immersive virtual reality beach contexts. (February 2018)

Sensory has changed a lot in the last five years
Maurice O´Sullivan about talks about his new book “A Handbook for Sensory and Consumer-Driven New Product Development”. (December 2017)

Tell me what you feel and I tell you what you like
A new test, the ConsumerFacetsTM, differentiates the psychological dispositions of consumers. Lise Dreyfuss explains how the test works. (May 2017)

Up in the air

Nancy Holthuysen and her team investigated how to choose the meal best suitable to be served in an airplane. (March 2017)

The future is mobile

Ludovic Depoortere talks about the role of mobile and virtual reality devices for sensory and consumer research. (December 2016)

What do consumers really want?

Klaus Dürrschmid gives an inside view into his research on implicit measurements of food choice. (October 2016)

Sensory science in the developing world

Interview with Riette de Kock on food safety, sorghum and how sensory science can help people to eat healthy. (May 2016)

The sense of smell and taste in the aging

Claire Sulmont-Rossé’s talks about her latest research on the sense of smell and taste in the elderly. (September 2015)

Smells are not things

Ep Köster, cofounder of the European Sensory Network talks about his new theory of odor perception. (May 2015)

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