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  • about our sensory network

    The European Sensory Network (ESN) is a powerful international network of leading research institutions and industrial partners at the cutting edge of sensory and consumer sciences. It was  founded in 1989 to meet the challenge of the rapidly developing science of sensory analysis within Europe.

    Today, the European Sensory Network brings together 30 member organisations acting in 17 European countries, and five non-European countries. ESN members and partners share their knowledge and expertise to explore the value and applications of sensory sciences in food and non food industrial practices.

    A focus of ESN activities is on cross-border studies. ESN offers numerous close cross-border links between sensory scientists and industrial partners. These collaborations have proven to be very valuable. The well established contacts among ESN members make it easy to plan and perform international studies, and guarantee exceptional research following universal standards.

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    See, Feel, Taste: The Influence of Receptacle Colour and Weight on the Evaluation of Flavoured Carbonated Beverages

    Line Mielby, Qian Wang, Sidsel Jensen, Anne Bertelsen, Ulla Kidmose, Charles Spence, Derek Byrne (2018) (Foods) Volume 7, 119. doi:

    Temporal dominance of sensations, emotions, and temporal liking measured in a bar for two similar wines using a multi-sip approach

    Ana P. Silva, Hans-Peter Voss, Hannelize van Zyl, Tim Hogg, Cees de Graaf, Manuela Pintado, Gerry Jager (2018) (Journal of Sensory Studies), e12459.



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