How the analysis of emotions elicited by odours help to design better products. Interview with Christelle Porcherot, Principal Scientist at Corporate R&D Division at ESN partner Firmenich.


Marleen Chambaults (Campden BRI, UK) talks about novel consumer methods for product characterization.


Valérie Lengard Almli taks about a new method to measure the sense of taste in small children.


Maurice O´Sullivan about talks about his new book “A Handbook for Sensory and Consumer-Driven New Product Development”.


Lise Dreyfuss talks about the ConsumerFacets test and how to use it for sensory research.


Ludovic Depoortere talks about the role of mobile and virtual reality devices for sensory and consumer research.


Klaus Dürrschmid gives an inside view into his research on implicit measurements of food choice.


How can sensory science lead to more food security in developing countries? Listen to a video interview with Prof. Riette de Kock, University of Pretoria & research chair of the European Sensory Network.



Claire-Sulmont-Rossé gives an overview of the sense of smell and taste in the aging, as well as an insight into her research.


The sense of smell functions differently than the sense of vision. Yet for decades odor perception has been measured with the same techniques as visual perception. Ep Köster proposes a different approach.


Interview with Eliza Kostyra. At the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, children and youngsters from different age groups are.


Interview with Ciarán Forde. Highly trained sensory panels are expected to work with machine-like proficiency. To ensure this ...


Interview with EP Köster. The consumer should be viewed as a variety of personalities that react differently in different situations.


Interview with Anne Goldman. The sensory function today is an integral part of a successful business model, recognized for it’s supportive role to the product life cycle.