How to become a member

We offer memberships to organisations involved in sensory and consumer research. Industries can apply for a partnership.


  • We offer an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in the field of sensory & consumer sciences.
  • You can initiate and influence the topics and design of the ESN Partner Research Programmes, participate in the research and be part of the data analyzing and discussion of the results.
  • You receive priority pre-publication access to ESN research results.
  • You will be up-to-date with the newest trends and methods in sensory and consumer science.
  • You are welcomed to our exclusive bi-annual ESN meetings, which include workshops on hot topics with invited guests.
  • You have the chance to collaborate with companies, universities and research institutes in order to solve common problems and discuss relevant issues.


The annual membership fee is 4,500 Euro per year. Organisations – universities, research institutes, and small to medium-size companies with a strong interest in sensory and consumer research – can become members. Membership is not open to individuals. The fees are used to fund projects within the Partner Research Programme and to promote and facilitate ESN activities. Members are asked to commit to the membership for a minimum period of three years.

other costs involved

Members are expected to cover their own costs for attending the ESN meetings. For academic institutes (e.g. universities), reimbursement of some costs is allowed at the discretion of the ESN Management Board.

extra benefits

  • The ESN PR team promotes sensory and consumer research throughout Europe and the world, which provides your organisation a global presence.
  • Your organization can post job offers on the ESN website and ESN social media.
  • Your orginisation’s research highlights, including videos, will be presented on the ESN website and ESN social media.

about you

Members entering ESN are expected to be active partners and will be required to support collaborative research projects with ESN members.

how to apply

  1. Please send a letter of application to the ESN chair Betina Piqueras Fiszman (Opens window for sending
  2. Include a brief section about what you expect from ESN and which kind of expertise you will be able to share within ESN.
  3. The application will be reviewed by the ESN Management Board and the ESN members. If the application is accepted, an ESN member will visit the prospective member’s organisation.
  4. The ESN member who visits the prospective member will make a short report. The report entails:
    • Number of staff, experience
    • Facilities
    • Type of sensory/consumer research
    • Product experience
    • Number of sensory panels
    • Publications
    • Training/teaching programmes
  5. The application and the visit report will be sent to all the ESN members and partners. A vote will be taken to accept or reject the membership.
  6. If the membership is approved, then the new member will be invited to present themselves at the next ESN meeting. They will be asked to prepare a presentation that includes:
    • Presentation of their organization / staff / facilities / activities
    (commercial activity, research activity, training activity…)
    • The new members expectations from membership of ESN
    • Their intended contributions to ESN

how long does the process take?

The full application process usually takes less than six months.

who are the other members?

They are research institutes and universities, mostly, but not exclusively, from European countries. We also have partners from the industry. Here you find the lists of our members and partners.

not sure if you are ready to apply?

For further questions, please contact our chair Opens window for sending emailBetina Piqueras Fiszman. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 





Join our network.
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