New findings

ESN members and ESN industry partners are involved in a variety of research activities. Here we present some highlights of their recent findings as well as interviews with ESN experts on selected topics.


By now, Stevia is being talked about as a natural sweetener, but not in the sense that it is “on everyone’s lips”. The food industry is still ...


Hot, fiery tasting foods are becoming more and more popular. However, up until now there has been little research on these kinds of chemesthetic ...


Dutch sensory and consumer research experts ascertain the psychological influences of cut flowers on people.


Many elderly people have problems chewing and swallowing. Researchers at the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (SIK) ...


The question as to whether a fish is fresh can be more easily judged by human senses than by technical devices.


Consumers could soon be enjoying macadamias that are tastier and more appealing than ever with new market research identifying what helps make a perfect macadamia and how to create it ...



A German sensory research institute has made a new European survey mapping out various taste characteristics of European beers.


In addition to wheat-based products, the flavour of oat and rye products may be optimised by using sophisticated processing methods.


Unfortunately sampling a product is seldom possible in today's market place. Trying to pick the desired bread out of the vast assortment of choices is not easy and is often a matter of luck. One of the biggest ...