SAM Sensory and Consumer Research

Organisational form: private

Focus on: food and beverage products, home care, cosmetics, healthcare,  OTC-pharma, other non-food products, packaging

Major activities: Global Sensory and Consumer Research, Product Optimization,Marketing Mix Assessment, Acceptance Measurement (including Emotions, Product Performance, Boredom, etc.), Sensory Profiling (QDA, Spectrum, Rapid Profiling), bridging the gap between R&D and Marketing


SAM Sensory and Consumer Research was founded in 1988, today a leading international sensory and consumer research specialist. In 2018 SAM was incorporated into Eurofins.

SAM supports company decision makers in both the enhancement of their product positioning strategy and the performance of their products in the market. We do this based on a profound understanding of the consumer decision making process together with the fundamentals of consumer preference bringing to bear a unique expertise in the application of sensory and consumer research.

SAM detects and exploits hidden growth opportunities and supports cost/quality optimization.

SAM’s study designs are customized to the specific requirements of our clients and adapted to the specific objective, delivering actionable recommendations. The sustainable success of products over years with all their related properties and needs makes up the core of all our studies.

Five own locations in Europe and a Unique Network in Sensory Marketing all over the globe

We maintain high-tech, professionally equipped locations in Europe and provide a Unique Global Network in Sensory Marketing in order to deliver studies with high quality at a cost efficient level. We do sensory and consumer research locally and on a global scale - spanning more than 40 countries around the world. SAMs worldwide standardized data collection is accomplished through ideal storage, preparation, serving and presentation – we care about details creating valid and robust outcomes.

Being a trusted partner and competence leader in sensory marketing

SAM is a privately owned and fully independent company. SAM has been a trusted partner of the industry for many years when it comes to supporting the success of products.

Our outstanding expertise ranges from food to cosmetics, home-care and all kind of FMCG

SAM has accumulated an outstanding unique level of experience reinforced by cross category know-how. We have successfully executed more than 17.000 projects worldwide throughout our 27 years of experience dedicated to sensory and consumer research.

We will support you!

SAM – makes sense. 

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Dr. Martin Kern
SAM Managing Director
Sensory and Marketing International GmbH
Oetztalerstr. 1
81373 Munich, Germany