Organisational form: private

Focus on: food and beverage, cleaning products, clothing, cosmetics, durable household, healthcare, pharmaceutical

Major activities: marketing research & sensory analysis


Adacta pays the utmost attention to what consumers have to say – this is why our motto is “people who listen to people”.

The company is organized into different units, each specialized in a specific area: The quantitative & sensory research unit is composed of experts who perform quantitative, qualitative, and sensory research. The unit also provides an experimental space open to methodological innovation.This workgroup was created to promote the transfer of knowledge and methodological techniques between the Adacta researchers and the client company in order to obtain a research product as close as possible to the customer's needs.

This unit has developed the ConsensoryTM test system, a methodology based on the study of the relationship between the data coming from consumer research and the data coming from sensory analysis.

The research unit carries out product tests, sensory profiles, preference mapping, analyses of preference segmentation (cluster analysis), studies on the effect of information, and “actual performance value” analysis.

At the beginning of 2008 Adacta set up the ConsensoryTM Centre, a European research centre dedicated to sensory analysis and marketing research. It aims to improve product performance and consequently, product sales. The centre is composed of different areas that are functionally integrated between one another with an experimental kitchen, a sensory lab, a consumer test area, a beauty care & toiletries test area and storage areas for the logistic management of the samples.

The international contact team is dedicated to the management of projects commissioned by foreign customers with concerns in Italy and Europe. The team is a valuable and dependable partner for data collection in Italy as well as multi-country project coordination.

The AD fieldwork unit - Personal Fieldwork (700 interviewers throughout Italy, 20 area fieldwork supervisors), - C.A.P.I. fieldwork (60 laptops), - telephone fieldwork (30 C.A.T.I. workstations), - qualitative fieldwork (a team of moderators specialised by subject area, a network of central locations in Milan, Rome, Bologna and Naples, over 100 recruiters throughout the country, multi-language qualitative services.The database of respondents is continuously updated and expanded).

Adacta manages an extensive number of products; for this reason we have set up a specific department fully dedicated to logistic organization. Adacta is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.




Adacta S.p.A.
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