Organisational form: private

Focus on: food and beverage, cleaning products, clothing, cosmetics, durable household, healthcare, pharmaceutical

Major activities: marketing research & sensory analysis

Who we are

Adacta International is an Italian Agency of Consumer & Sensory research. We focus our work on products and strategies which make a successful brand out of it. For over 30 years we have been developing new solutions in order to support the decisions of companies that are aware of the importance of listening to the consumer……. … That's why our motto is “let your senses guide you.

Why us

We have always been interacting with our customers, with sensory judges and with the different corporate functions and we know how to make them converge towards feasible solutions. A variety of professional profiles, such as psychologists, food technologists, statisticians, biologists and chemists are part of our team. We do not just provide interpretations but we are capable of handling the very productive process, contributing to the product construction with accurate suggestions, combining R& D with marketing demands. Sensory sciences are a source of inspiration for most of our research solutions. Through such a multidisciplinary approach we manage to focus product performance assets in order to develop winning marketing strategies to fulfil the brand promise.

Our mission

We work alongside companies, supporting them in their development process, helping them to design and build high-performing products. For many of our clients we have become, in time, real product coaches and that is what we want to be. Inspiring and guiding them along the whole life cycle of their product, from creation to development, to launch and support in time when on the market, in order to fulfill the brand intention at best.

Our inspiration

 Solutions, not just tools in our portfolio

There is a gap between the diagnosis and the solution of a problem. We have therefore developed a range of solutions in order to provide answers embodying both the diagnosis and the care of the problem.

Focus on sensory science

Senses and emotions are a powerful trigger ready to use for companies. That’s why «consumers» are «SENS-umers» for us and we have developed specific approaches to explore the sensory level of their relationship with the product.

Across-disciplinary approach

We believe in a research philosophy getting closer to the consumer from an «olistic» point of view, combining different approaches and attitudes which are functional to marketing aims: they range from psychology to behavioural economics, from statistics to sensory science.

inspiration from real life

Real life, with its challenges, is the richest source of insight. No wonder we favour methodological solutions reproducing everyday situations, allowing ethnographic observation and constructing communities based on communication with consumers.

our Facilities

The Adacta International Consensory® Corners are located in the cities of Milan, Bologna and Naples. The labs were built in compliance with ISO 8589 standard and are equipped with cabins where judges focus on objective sensory analysis of products. A specific area for the evaluation of cosmetics and household cleaning products has been set up in Milan laboratory.

The Consensory® Corners are set up in central locations composed of different areas that are functionally integrated between one another with an experimental kitchen, a sensory lab, a consumer test area and storage areas for the logistic management of the samples.


The international positioning

Our International contact team is dedicated to the management of projects commissioned by foreign customers with concerns in Italy and Europe. The team is a valuable and dependable partner for data collection in Italy as well as multi-country project coordination. Thanks to Multy-Country Hub we have helped our clients to gain not only national but also foreign markets, learning about the opinions of overseas consumers, in particular those from Brazil, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Spain, USA.






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