ainia centro tecnológico, Spain

  • Organisational form: Industry Research Organisation
  • Focus on: food and non-food
  • Major activities: research, commercial contacts, consulting and training


ainia centro tecnológico

María José Sánchez Climent

Parque tecnológico de Valencia.

C/Benjamín Franklin 5-11

46980 Paterna (Valencia)


Tel. +34 961 36 60 90

Fax: +34 961 311 80 08

ainia centro tecnológico is a non-profit private association formed by companies in the food manufacturing industry and related sectors. Our mission to give support and add value to companies, by leading innovation and technological development in a responsible and committed way. At present, ainia has more than 1.000 associated companies and approximately 180 employees. Main areas of ainia research are: nutrition and health, quality and food safety, design and industrial production and sustainability

The sensory and consumer research unit of ainia, consumolab, working at the interface between R&D and Marketing, promote product’s companies success in the market by the experimental design techniques combining qualitative and quantitative research with consumers and sensory evaluations by experts to identify the drivers of product excellence.

consumolab provides customized research involving descriptive analysis by trained panels and hedonic product testing by consumer panels. Key issues for companies are: product innovation, new product development, product optimization, quality control and sensory specifications, sensory shelf life, identification of preference’s drivers, etc. consumolab also provides training and technical assistance to companies to set up their own qualified panels.

ainia is accredited according to Standard ISO 17025 for sensory methods by the national regulatory board (ENAC)

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