isi GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Organisational form: private

Focus on: food products, fabric care, cosmetics, other non-food products

Major activities: Sensory Analysis in the innovation process; management of the interface between R&D and Marketing


The “Institute for Sensory Research and Innovation Consultancy (ISI) GmbH” has been founded in 1995. Since then, it has developed to one of Germany’s leading research institute specialised in high professional Sensory Research. Lead by its two scientific heads Andreas Scharf and Bernd Schubert – both professors for Marketing, Market Research and Sensory Analysis at Universities of Applied Sciences – ISI GmbH exclusively employs academic staff from Marketing, Nutrition Science and Psychology.

The philosophy of ISI GmbH is to advance basic research in the Sensory Science and to apply these findings in the practice. We see ourselves as “problem-solvers”, providing not only individually tailored solutions but also state-of-the-art Sensory methods. Our spectrum ranges from the recruitment and training of customer-exclusive Descriptive Panels over Affective Consumer Tests up to Qualitative Research with tasting sessions. By statistically correlating consumers´ acceptance data with descriptive product profiles and physicochemical information, we are able to establish a functional relationship among recipe parameters, the thereby evolved sensory perception and the resulting liking. This information can be used not only to develop food products which feature higher market success rates but also to reveal the consumers´ ideal profile with respect to the respective product category.

Depending on the concrete research question, our approaches also consider changes in the acceptance scores over time. For example, this can be accomplished by repeated product exposure.Two unique ISI products are of particular importance: “Odour Descriptive Analysis (OPDA)” and “Integrated Concept and Product Development (ConSens)”. OPDA is an innovative descriptive methodology which considers the specialities of the human sense of smell and thus overcomes the problems of the “classical” Descriptive Analysis when profiling complex odours. “ConSens” is a smart, integrated approach which both optimises the intrinsic AND the extrinsic product characteristics by combining elements of Sensory Research and Conjoint Analysis.

In our professionally equipped Sensory Test Laboratory we can handle virtually all food and non-food products. In the last year, we have carried out sophisticated Sensory and Concept tests for major European companies.


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