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Mise au point d’un profil de texture pour l’analyse en bouche de produits alimentaires (A texture profile for food products)

Mioche L Touraille C (1990) (Sciences des Aliments) Volume 10, 697-711.

Modeling of calcium chloride and pectin methylesterase prefreezing treatments of strawberries and jams

Suutarinen J, Honkapää K, Heiniö R-L, Mustranta A, Liukkonen-Lilja H, Mokkila M (2002) (Journal of Food Science) Volume 67 (Issue 3), 1240-1248.

Modellansätze zur Lebensmittelqualität / Approaches to food quality

Dürrschmid K, Zenz H (2000) (ernährung / nutrition) Volume 24 (Issue 3), 119-123 .

Modelling of dynamic flavour properties with ordinary differential equation

Janestad H, Wendin K, Ruhe A, Hall G (2000) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 11, 323-329.

Modelling of thickness of semi-liquid foods

Terpstra MEJ; Janssen AM; Prinz J; de Wijk RA; Weenen H, van der Linden E (2005) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 36 (Issue 2), 213-233 .

Modified atmosphere-packed marinated chicken breast and rainbow trout quality as affected by package leakage

Randell K, Ahvenainen R, Latva-Kala K, Hurme E, Mattila-Sandholm T, Hyvönen L (1995) (Journal of Food Science) Volume 4, 667 - 672.

Modified Jack-knife estimation of parameter uncertainty in bilinear modelling by partial least squares regression (PLSR),

Martens H, Martens M (2000) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 11, 5-16.

Monitoring of taints related to printed solid boards with an electron ic nose

Heiniö, R L, Ahvenainen, R (2002) (Food Additives and Contaminants) Volume 19 (Issue 1), 209-220.

Monitoring of taints related to printed solid boards with an electronic nose

Heiniö R-L, Ahvenainen R (2001) (Food Contaminants and Additives) Volume (submitted).

Monitoring the performance of sensory assessors

CCFRA (1995) (R&D Report) Volume 6.

Monitoring Triangle Test Assessors

McEwan J A, Chappell P J (1997) (CCFRA R&D Report) Volume 46, 348-349.

More clues about sensory impact of sotolon in some flor sherry wines

Martin B, Etievant PX, Quere J, Schlich P (1992) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Volume 40, 475-478.

Most preferred level of sugar: rapid measure and consumption test

Daillant B, Issanchou S (1991) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 6, 131-144.

Multivariate Analysis of Conventional Profiling: A Comparison of a British and Norwegian Trained Panel

Risvik E, Colwill J S, McEwan J A, Lyon D H (1993) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 7, 97-118.

NaCl and sugar release, salivation and taste during mastication of salted chewing gum

Neyraud E, Prinz J, Dransfield E (2003) (Physiol. Behaviour) Volume 79, 731-737.

Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy in the prediction of sensory properties of beef

Hildrum K I, Isaksson T, Næs T, Nilsen BN, Rødbotten M, Lea P (1996) (Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy) Volume 3, 81-87.

Neue und etablierte Methoden der Sensorik-und Konsumentenforschung

Dürrschmid K (2007) (ernährung/nutrition) Volume 31, 455-456.

Nuevas formas de administración de soluciones salinas (rehidratación oral) en el tratamiento de la gastroenteritis aguda: estudio organoléptico, prospectivo y controlado, de satisfacción

Polanco Allué I, Sánchez Climent MJ, Castro Millán A, Alonso Vicente C (2012) (Acta Pediatr Esp.) Volume 70 (Issue 3), 87-92.

Nutritional knowledge and concerns about meat of elderly French people in the aftermath of the crises over BSE and foot-and-mouth

Chatard-Pannetier A, Rousset S, Bonin D, Guillaume S, Droit-Volet S (2004) (Appetite) Volume 42 (Issue 2), 175-183.

Objective and subjective evaluation of head-related transfer function filter design

Huopaniemi J, Zacharov N, Karjalainen M (1999) (Journal of the Audio Engineering Society) Volume 47 (Issue 4), 218–239.

Odor intensity evaluation in gas chromatography-olfactometry by finger-span method

Etiévant P X, Callement G, Langlois D, Issanchou S, Coquibus N (1999) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Volume 47, 1673-1680.

Odor naming methodology: Correct identification with multiple-choice versus repeatable identification in a free task

Sulmont-Rossé C, Issanchou S, Köster EP (2005) (Chemical Senses) Volume 30, 23-27.

Odorants related to human body

Köster EP, Jellinek JS, Verhelst ND, Mojet J, Linschote, MRI (1986) (J. Soc. of Cosmetic Chem) Volume 37 (Issue 6), 409-428.

Odors: implicit memory and performance effects

Degel J, Köster EP (1999) (Chemical Senses) Volume 24, 317-325.

Older people and convenience in meal preparation: a European study on understanding their perception towards vegetable soup preparation

Saba A, Messina F, Turrini A, Raats M, Lumbers MM (2008) (International Journal of Consumer Studies) Volume 32 (Issue 2), 147-156.

Opracowanie systemu zapewnienia jakosci sensorycznej poprzez krytyczne punkty kontroli - SQCCP (Development of the system of sensory quality assurance - SQCCP)

Barylko-Pikielna N, MacFie HJH, Toth-Markus M (1996) (Przemysl Spozywczy) Volume 50 (Issue 12), 3-5.

Optimal conditions for the formation of sotolon from alpha-ketobutyric acid in the french "Vin Jaune"

Pham, T T, Guichard E, Schlich P & Charpentier C (1995) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Volume 43, 2616-2619.

Oral assessment of hardness between elastic and plastic products

Peyron M A, Mioche L (1994) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 9, 223-236.

Oral consistency and simple rheological measurement of strawberry jams

Issanchou SN, Maingonnat JF, Guichard EA, Etiévant PX (1991) (Sciences des Aliments) Volume 11, 85-98.

Oral perception and hardness perception in products presenting plastic deformation

Mioche L, Quemar J C, Culioli J, Woda A (1994) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 25, 97-109.

Oral perception of hardness in viscoelastic products

Mioche L, Auroy P, Lepetit J, Compagnon G (1991) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 22, 333-347.

Origins of variability in meat texture : an introduction to the workshop "Proteolysis and meat quality"

Dransfield E, Bechet D, Ouali A (1994) (Sciences des Aliments) Volume 14, 369-371.

Osmolalität funktioneller Getränke

Dürrschmid K (1999) (Lebensmittel- und Biotechnologie) Volume 4, 139-144 .

Oxidative stability of milk influenced by fatty acids, antioxidants, and copper derived from feed

Havemose M S, Weisbjerg M R, Bredie W L P, Poulsen H D, Nielsen J H (2006) (Journal of Dairy Science) Volume 89, 1970-1980.

Oxygen- and light-barrier properties of thermoformed packageing materials used for modified atmosphere packaging: Evaluation of performance under realistic storage conditions

Jakobsen M, Kurtmann L, Juncher D, Miquel Becker E, Risbo J (2005) (Packaging Technology and Science) Volume 18, 265-272.

Pakkausten aistinvarainen tutkimus kansainvälistyy (Sensory research of packagings becomes international)

Kivikataja R-L (1990) (Pakkaus) Volume 10, 30-32.

Pattern of mastication related to food texture as studied by electromyography

Mioche L, Bourdiol P, Martin J F, Noël Y (1999) (Archives of Oral Biology) Volume 44, 1005-1012.

Pectin concentration, molecular weight and degree of esterification: influence on volatile composition and sensory characteristics of strawberry jam

Guichard E, Issanchou S, Descourvières A, Etiévant P (1991) (Journal of Food Science) Volume 56, 1621-1627.

Perceived role of fibre in a healthy diet among Finnish consumers

Lyly M, Soini E, Leino U, Lähteenmäki L (2004) (Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics) Volume 17, 231-239.

Perceived stimulus complexity and food preference

Lévy C M, MacRae A W, Köster E P (2006) (Acta Psychologica) Volume 123, 394-413.

Perception of bread: A comparison of consumers and trained assessors

M. Hersleth, R. Berggren, F. Westad, M. Martens (2005) (Journal of Food Science) Volume 70 (Issue 2), 95-101 .

Perception of cheese: a comparison of quality scoring, descriptive analysis and consumer responses

Hersleth M, Ilseng M A, Martens M, Næs T (2005) (Journal of Food Quality) Volume 28, 333-349.

Perception of convenience food by older people living in Warsaw (on the example of vegetable soups).

Kozłowska K, Szczecińska A, Roszkowski W, Brzozowska A, Saba A, Raats M, Lumbers M, Food in Later Life Project Team (2006) (Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences) Volume 15/56 (Issue 2), 227–233.

Perception of melting and flavor release of ice cream containing different types and contents of fat

Hyvönen L, Linna M, Tuorila H, Dijksterhuis G (2003) (Journal of Dairy Science) Volume 86, 1130-1138.

Perception of sweetness and sourness in apple juice varying in sucrose level and its relation to hedonic response in elderly and young adults

Barylko Pikielna N, Matuszewska I, Kozlowska K, Jeruszka M, Roszkowski W (2002) (Pol. J. Food Nutr Sci.) Volume 2 (Issue 11/52), 65-74.

Perception of taste and viscosity of oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions

Barylko-Pikielna N, Martin A, Mela DJ (1994) (Journal of Food Science) Volume 59, 1318-1321.

Perception of texture and flavor in soups by elderly and young subjects

Kremer S, Mojet J, Kroeze JHA (2005) (J Texture Studies) Volume 36, 255-272.

Perceptive free sorting and verbalization tasks with naive subjects : an alternative to descriptive mappings

Faye P, Bremaud D, Durand Daubin M, Courcoux P, Giboreau A, Nicod H (2004) (Food quality and Preference) Volume 15, 781-791.

Phenolic Compounds in Red-Berry Skins of UVA di Troia and Bombino Nero Grapes (Viis Vinifera L.)

Tamborra P, Esti M, Minafra M, Sinesio F (2003) (Italian Journal of Food Science) Volume 15 (Issue 3), 347-357.

Physical and sensory properties of law-salt phosphate-free frankfurters composed with various ingredients

Ruusunen M, Vainionpää J, Lyly M, Lähteenmäki L, Niemstö M, Ahvenainen R (2003) (Meat Science) Volume 63, 9-16.
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