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Physicochemical and sensory fruit characteristics of two sweet cherry cultivars during storage

Esti M, Cinquanta L, Sinesio F, Moneta E, Di Matteo M (2002) (Food Chemistry) Volume 76, 399-405.

Porownawcza charakterystyka jakosci sensorycznej margaryn krajowych i wybranych margaryn produkowanych w innych krajach (Comparative characteristics of sensory quality of domestic and foreign margarines)

Barylko-Pikielna N, Radzanowska J, Kulesza K (1989) (Przemysl Spozywczy) Volume 43 (Issue 5), 135-137.

Power of experimental designs, estimated by Monte Carlo simulation, Journal of Chemometrics, 14, 441-62. (2000). Power of experimental designs, estimated by Monte Carlo simulation

Martens H, Dijksterhuis G B, Byrne D V (2000) (Journal of Chemometrics) Volume 14, 441-62.

Predicting intentions to purchase organic food: The role of affective and moral attitudes in the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Arvola A, Vassallo M, Dean M, Lampila P, Saba A, Lahteenmaki L, Shepherd R (2008) (Appetite) Volume 50 (Issue 2), 443-454.

Predicting the Perceived Quality of Nonlinearly Distorted Music and Speech Signals

Tan CT, Moore BJC, Mattila VV, Zacharov N (2004) (Journal of the Audio Engineering Society) Volume 52 (Issue 7), 699-711.

Prediction of sensory quality by Near Infrared Reflectance analysis of frozen and freeze dried green peas (Pisum sativum)

Kjølstad L, Isaksson T, Rosenfeld H J (1990) (Journal of the Scence of Food and Agriculture) Volume 51, 247-260.

Prediction of consumer segments with neural nets

Kvaal K, Djupvik H (1996) (Marketing and Research Today (ESOMAR)) Volume 24, 247-253.

Prediction of sensory characteristics of beef by near infrared spectroscopy

Hildrum K I, Nilsen B N, Mielnik M, Næs T (1994) (Meat Science) Volume 38, 67-80.

Prediction of sensory texture of cooked potatoes using uniaxial compression, near infrared spectroscopy and low field H-1 NMR spectroscopy

Thybo A K, Bechmann I E, Martens M, Engelsen S B (2000) (Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft Und-Technologie-Food Science and Technology) Volume 33, 103-111.

Preferences study using a latent class approch. Analysis of European preferences for smoked salmon

Séménou M, Courcoux P, Cardinal M, Nicod H, Ouisse A (2007) (Food quality and Preference) Volume 18, 720-728.

Preliminary study of the effect of knowledge and sensory expertise on liking for red wines

Frøst M B, Noble A C (American Journal of Enology and Viticulture) Volume 53, 275-284.

Proactive and Retroactive Interference in Implicit Odor Memory

Köster EP, Degel J, Piper D (2002) (Chemical Senses) Volume 27, 191-207.

Product information, hedonic evaluation, and purchase decision: an experimental study of orange juice

Combris P, Lange C, Issanchou S (2007) (Journal of Wine Economics) Volume 2, 40-54.

Production of a cheese model for sensory evaluation of flavour compounds

Salles C, Dalmas S, Septier C, Issanchou S, Noël Y, Etiévant P, Quéré J L L (1995) (Lait) Volume 75, 535-549.

Production of representative wine extracts for chemical and olfactory analysis

Moio L, Chambellant E, Lesschaeve I, Issanchou S, Schlich P, Etiévant P X (1995) (Italian Journal of Food Sci.) Volume 3, 625-278.

Proficiency testing for sensory ranking panels: Measuring panel performance

McEwan J, Heiniö R L, Hunter E A, Lea P (2003) (Food Quality and Preference ) Volume 14, 247-256.

Progress in developing an international protocol for sensory profiling of hard cheese

Nielsen R G, Sivertsen H (1998) (International Journal of Dairy Technology) Volume 51, 57-64.

Progress in sensory analysis and consumer studies of food

Barylko-Pikielna N, Matuszewska I (1996) (Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences) Volume 5 (Issue 46), 3-18.

Projective mapping – A tool for sensory analysis and consumer research

Risvik E, McEwan J A, Colwill J S, Rogers R, Lyon D (1994) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 5, 263-269.

Projective Mapping: A New Tool for Linking Sensory Profile and Consumer Research Data

Risvik E, McEwan J A, Colwill J S, Rogers, Lyon D H (1994) (Journal of Food Quality and Preference) Volume 5, 263-269.

Promocionando un estilo de vida saludable en los adolescentes europeos mediante el ejercicio y la nutrición: El proyecto Helena

Moreno LA, González Gross M, Marcos A, Jiménez-Pavón D, Sánchez MJ, Mesana MI, Gómez S (2007) (Selección) Volume 16 (Issue 1), 13-17.

Protein intake of young and elderly French people living at home

Rousset S, Brandolini M, Martin J F, Droit-Volet S, Bonin D, Lhoutellier P, Simon H, Grandjean V, Boirie Y (2003) (Sciences Des Aliments) Volume 23, 56-60.

Psychologie und Lebensmittelsensorik

Dürrschmid K (2008) (Journal für Ernährungsmedizin) Volume 2, 15-19.

Public concerns about general and specific applications of genetic engineering: a comparative study between the UK and Italy

Saba A, Moles A, Frewer L J (1998) (Nutrition & Food Science) Volume 11, 19-29.

Qualità sensoriale di alimenti funzionali a base di cereali minori (Sensory quality of cereal based functional foods)

Comendador F J, Moneta E, Peparaio M, Sinesio F (2003) (Proceeding I° Congresso Nazionale SISS “Ruolo dell’Analisi Sensoriale per la valorizzazione delle produzioni Alimentari Italiane” 13-14 November), 18-22.

Qualités organoleptiques des viandes bovine et ovine. (Organoleptic qualities of beef and lamb)

Touraille C (1989) (L’alimentation et la vie) Volume 75, 31-42.

Qualités organoleptiques et image de la viande. (Organoleptic quality and image of meats)

Touraille C (1994) (Information diététique) Volume 4, 35-43.

Quality Changes in Sweetcorn Cobs of Several Cultivars During Short-Term Ice-Bank Storage

Geeson J D, Browne K M, Griffiths N M (1991) (Journal of Horticulture Science) Volume 66, 409-414.

Quality control of meal components by appearance-bases novelty detection

Munkevik, P, Hall, G, Duckett, T (2006) (Industries Alimentaires et Agricoles) Volume 123 (Issue 3), 11-15.

Quality evaluation of peaches and nectarines with electrochemical and multivariate analysis: relationship between analytical measurements and sensory attributes

Esti M, Messia M C, Sinesio F, Nicotra A, Conte L, La Notte E, Palleschi G (1997) (Food Chemistry) Volume 60, 659-666.

Quality Index Method (QIM) Schemedeveloped for Farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)

Sveinsdóttir K, Hyldig G, Martinsdóttir E, Jørgensen B, Kristbergsson K (2003) (Food Quality and Preferences) Volume 14 (Issue 3), 237-245.

Quality of peas modelled by a structural equation system

Bech A C, Juhl H J, Hansen M, Martens M, Andersen L (2000) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 11, 275-81.

Quality of raw salmon fillet as a predictor of cooked salmon quality

Rødbotten M, Lea P, Ueland Ø (2009) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 20, 13–23.

Quantities of phenolic compounds and their impacts on the perceived flavour attributes of rye grain

Heiniö R-L, Liukkonen K-H, Myllymäki O, Pihlava J-M, Adlercreutz H, Heinonen S-M, Poutanen K (2008) (J Cereal Science) Volume 47, 566-575.

Reaction to boar odour by different South African consumer groups

De Kock HL, van Heerden SM, Heinze PH, Dijksterhuis B, Minnaar A (2001) (Meat Science) Volume 59, 353-362.

Reasons behind consumers' functional food choices

Urala N, Lähteenmäki L (2003) (Nutrition & Food Science) Volume 33 (Issue 4), 148-158.

Recalling taste intensities in sweetened and salted liquids

Tuorila H, Theunissen M J M, Ahlström R (1996) (Chemical Senses) Volume 21, 29-34.

Reducing salt content of dry-cured ham: effect on lipid composition and sensory attributes

Coutron-Gambotti C, Gandemer G, Rousset S, Maestrini O, Casabianc A F (1999) (Food Chemistry) Volume 64, 13-19.

Reducing the sodium content in meat products: The effect of formulation in low-sodium ground meat patties

Ruusunen M, Vainionpää J, Lyly M, Lähteenmäki L, Niemistö M, Ahvenainen R, Puolanne E (2005) (Meat science) Volume 69, 53-60.

Regression of a data matrix on descriptors of both its rows and of its columns via latent variables: L-PLSR

Martens H, Anderssen E, Flatberg, A, Gidskehaug L H, Hoy M, Westad F, Thybo A, Martens M (2005) (Computational Statistics & Data Analysis) Volume 48 (Issue 1), 103-123.

Relating consumer preferences to sensory and physicochemical properties of dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Mkanda AV, Minnaar A, de Kock HL (2007) (J Sci Food Agric ) Volume 87, 2868–2879 .

Relating microstructure, sensory and instrumental texture of processed oat

Salmenkallio-Marttila, M., Heiniö RL, Myllymäki O, Lille M, Autio K, Poutanen K (2004) (Agricultural and Food Science) Volume 13, 124-137.

Relations between compositional traits and sensory qualities of French dry-cured ham

Buscailhon S, Berdagué J-L, Bousset J, Cornet M, Gandemer G, Touraille C, Monin G (1994) (Meat Science) Volume 37, 229-243.

Relationship between sensory perception and flavour-active volatile compounds of germinated, sourdough fermented and native rye following the extrusion process

Heiniö RL, Katina K, Wilhelmson A, Myllymäki O, Rajamäki T, Latva-Kala K, Liukkonen KH, Poutanen K (2003) (Food Science and Technology) Volume 36, 533-545.

Relationship between taste and chewing patterns of visco-elastic model foods

Alfonso M, Neyraud E, Blanc O, Peyron M A, Dransfield E (2002) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 17, 193-206.

Relationships between muscle tissue characteristics and sensory qualities of dry-cured ham

Buscailhon S, Touraille C, Girard J P, Monin G (1995) (Journal of Muscle Foods) Volume 6, 9-22.

Relationships between Post-mortem pH changes and Some Traits of Sensory Quality in Veal

Guignot F, Touraille C, Ouali A, Renerre M, Monin G (1994) (Meat Science) Volume 37, 315-325.

Release of peppermint flavour compounds from chewing gum: effect of oral functions

Haahr A-M, Bardow A, Thomsen C E, Jensen S B, Nauntofte B, Bakke M, Adler-Nissen J, Bredie W L P (2004) (Physiology & Behavior) Volume 82, 531-540.

Relevant measurements of green pea texture

Edelenbos M, Thybo A, Erichsen L, Wienberg L, Andersen L (2001) (Journal of Food Quality) Volume 24, 91-110.

Repeatability in hedonic sensory measurement: a conceptual exploration

Köster EP, Couronne T, Léon F, Lévy C and Marcelino AS (2003) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 14, 165-176.
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