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Representative champagne wine extracts for gas chromatography olfactometry analysis

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Research of selective tests for discerning “an efficient assessor” in texture profiling

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Review of Statistical Software for Sensory Evaluation

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Risk tables for discrimination tests

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Rol van bittere smaak bij de consumptie van voedingsmilddelen (The role of bitter taste at the consumption of food and drinks)

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Rôle de la force de morsure dans la perception de la dureté de produits viscoélastiques. (Role of the bite force in hardness perception of visco-elastic products)

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Sandwiches and milk with varying fat and sodium contents: What is the best combination?

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Screening individual ability to perform descriptive analysis of food products Basic statements and application to a camembert cheese descriptive panel

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Selection and classification of volatile compounds of apricot using the RV coefficient

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Selection of a subset of variables: minimisation of Procrustes loss between a subset and the full set

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Selection of dry fermented lamb sausage for consumer testing

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Selection of odorants for memory tests on the basis of familiarity, perceived complexity, pleasantness, similarity and identification

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Semantic, typicality and odor representation: A cross-cultural study

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Sensorisch onderzoek met beschrijvende panels (Sensory research with descriptive panels)

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Sensorische Untersuchung von Wellness-Getränken. Sensory Evaluation of Wellness Drinks.

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Sensory analysis for magnetic resonance-image analysis: Using human perception and cognition to segment and assess the interior of potatoes

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Sensory analysis in food research, quality assurance and product development

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Sensory analysis of Burgundy Pinot noir wines : orthonasal and retronasal profiling

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Sensory analysis: methodological aspects relevant to the study of cheese

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Sensory and chemical analysis of cooked porcine meat patties in relation to warmed-over flavour and pre-slaughter stress

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Sensory and chemical assessment of pork supplemented with iron and vitamin E.

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Sensory and chemical characterisation of fats used as spreads on bread

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Sensory and chemical investigations on the effect of oven cooking on warmed-over flavour development in chicken meat

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Sensory and chemical studies of lipid oxidation in raw and heat-treated oat flours

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Sensory and instrumental analysis of longitudinal and transverse textural variation in pork Longissimus dorsi

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Sensory and rheological characterization of low-fat stirred yogurt

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Sensory and technological meat quality in carriers and non-carriers of the RN-allele in Hampshire Crosses and in purebred Yorkshire pigs

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Sensory based quality control utilising an electronic nose and GC-MS analyses to predict end-product quality from raw materials

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Sensory Changes in Liquid Milk During Storage, and the Affect on Consumer Acceptance

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Sensory characteristics and product palatability of soft fat spreads differing in fat level

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Sensory characteristics of cold-smoked Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) from European market and relationships with chemical, physical and microbiological measurements

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Sensory Characteristics of Food

Watson MP (1992) (Nutrition of Food Science) Volume 4, 4-6.

Sensory characteristics of traditional field grown in southern Italy tomato genotypes

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Sensory characterization of polyester-based bottle material inertness using threshold odour number determination

Widén H, Hall G (2007) (LWT 40), 66-72.

Sensory colour assessment of fresh meat from pigs supplemented with iron and vitamin E

O’Sullivan M, Byrne D V, Stagsted J, Andersen H J, Martens M (2002) (Meat Science) Volume 60, 253-265.

Sensory design of foods for the elderly

Hall G, Wendin K (2008) (Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism: Suppl. 1) Volume 52, 25-28.

Sensory evaluation based on verbal judgments

Urdapilleta I, Tijus C A, Nicklaus S (1999) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 14, 79-95.

Sensory Evaluation of Food and Its Importance

Lyon D H (1987) (Food Technology International) Volume 219, 221-222.

Sensory evaluation of walnut fruit

Sinesio F, Moneta E (1997) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 8, 35-43.

Sensory Evaluation of Walnut. Selection of descriptive attributes of high consensus between European panels

Sinesio F, Guerrero L, Romero A, Moneta E, Lombard J C (2000) (Food Science and Technology International).

Sensory Evaluation of walnut: an inter-laboratory study

Sinesio F, Guerrero A, Romero A, Moneta E, Lombard J C (2001) (Food Science and Technology International) Volume 7 (Issue 1), 37 -47.

Sensory Feasibility Study for the Enforcement of Materials and Articles in Contact with Food Regulations 1987 part II 4 2b.

Griffiths N M (1991) (CCFRA Technical Memorandum) Volume 612.

Sensory flavor-texture interactions for custards

de Wijk RA, Rasing F, Wilkinson CL (2003) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 34 (Issue 2).

Sensory impact of volatile phenols on red wine aroma: Influence of carbonic maceration and time of storage

Etiévant PX, Issanchou SN, Marie S, Ducruet V, Flanzy C (1989) (Sciences des Aliments) Volume 9, 19-33.

Sensory measurement of dynamic flavour intensity in ice cream with different fat levels and flavourings

Bom Frøst M, Heymann H, Bredie WLP, Dijksterhuis GB, Martens M (2005) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 16 (Issue 4), 305-314.

Sensory meat quality and warmed-over flavour - a review.

Byrne D V, Bredie W L P (2002) (Research advances in the quality of meat and meat products.), 95-121.

Sensory memory and food texture

Mojet J, Köster EP (2005) (Food Qual. Pref.) Volume 16, 251-266.

Sensory of character impact components in an apple model mixture

Bult JHF; Schifferstein HNJ; Roozen JP; Dalmau-Boronat E, Voragen AJG; Kroeze JHA (2002) (Chemical Senses) Volume 27, 485-494 .

Sensory panel consistency during development of a vocabulary for warmed-over flavour

Byrne DV, O’Sullivan MG, Dijksterhuis GB, Bredie WLP, Martens M (2001) (Food Quality and Preference.) Volume 12 (Issue 3), 171-187.

Sensory perception of fat in milk

Bom Frøst M, Dijksterhuis GB, Martens M (2001) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 12, 327-336.
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