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Sensory profiling data studied by partial least squares regression

Martens M, Bredie W L P, Martens H (2000) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 11, 147-149.

Sensory profiling of carrots from northern latitudes

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Sensory Profiling: A Method for Describing the Sensory Characteristics of Virgin Olive Oil

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Sensory properties and preference

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Sensory properties during storage of crisps and French fries prepared with sunflower oil and high oleic sunflower oil

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Sensory properties of low fat yoghurts. Part A: Effect of fat content, fermentation culture and addition of non-fat dry milk on the sensory properties of plain yoghurts

Folkenberg D M, Martens M (2003) (Milchwissenschaft-Milk Science International) Volume 58, 48-51.

Sensory properties of low fat yoghurts. Part B: Hedonic evaluations of plain yoghurts by consumers correlated to fat content, sensory profile and consumer attitudes

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Sensory properties of volatile optical isomers

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Sensory quality and chemical composition in carrots: A multivariate study

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Sensory quality criteria for cold versus warm green peas studied by multivariate data analysis

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Sensory quality criteria for five fish species

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Sensory quality criteria for five fish species predicted from Near-Infrared (NIR) reflectance measurement

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Sensory Quality of Frozen Brussels Sprouts in a Time-Temperature Tolerance Study

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Sensory Quality of Fruit and Vegetables

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Sensory quality of low-fat sausages affected by fat-substitutes

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Sensory quality of sprouts of selected cruciferous species

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Sensory Research for the Euro-Food Industry

Lyon D H (1990) (Food Technology International Europe), 25-27.

Sensory Sense at Campden

Colwill J S (1989) (Food Manufacturer), 49-51.

Sensory sub-attributes of creamy mouthfeel in commercial mayonnaises, custard desserts and sauces

Weenen H, Jellema RH, de Wijk RA (2005) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 16, 163-170.

Sensory textural/rheological properties - A polyglot list

Drake B (1989) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 20, 1-27.

Sensory texture profile, grain physico-chemical characteristics and instrumental measurements of cooked rice

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Shelf life of sliced raw potatoes of various cultivar varieties - substitution of biosulfites

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Similarity ratings versus profiling of spreads: Do we need both?

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Simple Improvement of Consumer Fit in External Preference Mapping

Faber NM, Mojet J, Poelman AAM (2003) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 14, 455-461.

Sodium chloride and sugar release, salivation and taste during mastication of salted chewing gum

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Some simple tools for detection and interpretation of variation within and between assessors in sensory profiling

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Spectroscopic characterization of low- and non-fat cream cheeses

Andersen C M, Frøst M B, Viereck N (2010) (International Dairy Journal) Volume 20, 32-39.

Statistische Methoden in der modernen Sensorikforschung: Sensometrie (Statistical methods in modern Sensory Analysis: Sensometrie)

Henneberg S (1997) (Planung und Analyse) Volume 5, 54-56.

Steak de boeuf. A quel prix la tendreté? (Beef – What price tenderness?)

Dransfield E, Zamora F (1997) (Viandes et Produits Carnés) Volume 18, 184-190.

Strength of health-related claims and their perceived advantage

Urala N, Arvola A, Lähteenmäki L (2003) (International Journal of Food Science and Technology) Volume 38 (Issue 7), 815-826.

Structure-activity relationships of natural volatile nitrogen compounds

Boelens H, Gemert L J van (1995) (Perfumer & Flavorist) Volume 20 (Issue 5), 63-76.

Studio di alcuni determinanti delle scelte alimentari con il modello LISREL (LISREL model to study the determinants of food choice)

Di Natale R, Saba A (1997) (Statistica Applicata) Volume 9 (Issue 4), 473-488.

Subjective appraisal of loudspeaker directivity for multichannel reproduction

Zacharov N (1998) (J. Audio Eng. Soc.) Volume 46 (Issue 4), 288-303 .

Subtle differences in milk: comparison of an analytical and an affective test

Wolf Frandsen L, Dijksterhuis GB, Brockhoff PB, Martens M (2003) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 14 (Issue 5/6), 515-526.

Sweetness and texture perception in mixed pectin gels with 30% sugar and a designed rheology

Holm K, Wendin K, Hermansson A-M (2009) (LWT – Food Science and Technology) Volume 42, 788-795.

Taste and flavour perception in mayonnaise-type emulsion of various fat level

Barylko-Pikielna N, Szczecinska A (1994) (Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences) Volume 3 (Issue 44), 57-70.

Taste perception of sweet/acid mixtures in gels

Barylko-Pikielna N, Matuszewska I, Radzanowska J (1999) (Polish Jounal of Food and Nutrition Sciences) Volume 8 (Issue 49), 49-59.

Taste Perception with Age: Generic or Specific Losses in Supra-threshold Intensities of Five Taste Qualities?

Mojet J, Heidema J, Christ-Hazelhof E (2003) (Chemical Senses) Volume 28 (Issue 5), 397-413.

Taste Perception with Age: Generic or Specific Losses in Threshold Sensitivity to the Five Basic Tastes?

Mojet J, Christ-Hazelhof E, Heidema J (2001) (Chemical Senses) Volume 26, 845-860.

Taste perception with age: pleasantness and its relationships with threshold sensitivity and supra-threshold intensity of five taste qualities

Mojet J, Christ-Hazelhof E, Heidema J (2005) (Food Qual. Pref.) Volume 16, 413-423.

Taste tests and more

Benz, K.H. (1997) (Planung und Analyse) Volume 5, 18-22.

Tavoitteena räätälöity aistittava laatu (Tailored sensory quality as a target)

Lähteenmäki L, Heiniö R-L, Autio K, Katina K (2000) (Kemia) Volume 8, 645-649.

Technical, Economic and Consumer Barriers to the Consumption of Reduced Fat

McEwan JA, Sharp TM (2000) (Bakery Products) Volume 30, 16-18.

Temperature effect on lactose crystallization, maillard reactions, and lipid oxidation in whole milk powder

Thomsen M, Lauridsen L, Skibsted L H, Risbo J (2005) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Volume 53 (Issue 18), 7082-7090.

Temporal aspects related to the perception of skatole and androstenone, the major boar odour compounds

De Kock HL, Heinze PH, Potgieter CM, Dijksterhuis GB, Minnaar A (2001) (Meat Science) Volume 57, 61-70.

Terveellinen, maukas leipä (Healthy, tasty bread)

Heiniö R-L, Lähteenmäki L (1999) (Kehittyvä Elintarvike) Volume 5, 27-29.

Texture analysis of beef cooked at various temperatures by mechanical measurements, sensory assessments and elecromyography

Mathevon E, Mioche L, Brown W E, Culioli J (1995) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 26, 175-192.

Texture and flavour memory in foods: An incidental learning experiment

Mojet J, Köster E P (2002) (Appetite) Volume 38, 110-117.

Texture and mouth-feel of semi-solid foods: Commercial mayonnaises, dressings, custard desserts and warm sauces

Weenen H, Van Gemert LJ, Van Doorn JM, Dijksterhuis GB, De Wijk RA (2003) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 34, 159-179.

Texture as a reflection of microstructure

Langton M, Åström A, Hermansson A M (1996) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 7, 185-191.
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