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Attitudes towards the use of GMOs in food production and their impact on buying intention: The role of positive sensory experience

Grunert K G, Bech-Larsen T, Lähteenmäki L, Ueland Ø, Åström A (2004) (Agribusiness) Volume 20 (Issue 1), 95-107.

Attitudes, habit, sensory and liking expectation as determinants of the consumption of milk

Saba A, Moneta E, Nardo N, Sinesio F (1998) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 9, 31-41.

Attitudes, intention and habit: their role in predicting the actual consumption of fats and oils

Saba A, Di Natale R (1998) (Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics) Volume 11, 21-32.

Badania Konsumenckie - Metody Zastosowania

Soldhein R, McEwan J A (1996) (Przemysl Spozywczy) Volume 50 (Issue 6-9), 208-215.

Barriers to the Consumption of Reduced Fat Bakery Products: A Consumer Survey

McEwan J A (1999) (CCFRA R&D Report) Volume 80.

Barriers to the Production and Consumption of Reduced Fat Bakery Products: Summary Report

McEwan J A, Sharp T M (1999) (CCFRA R&D Report) Volume 85, 26-30.

Base Size in Product Testing: A Psychophysical Viewpoint and Analysis

McEwan J A (1997) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 8, 257-258.

Bau und Validierung eines aw-Wert-Messgerätes

Dürrschmid K (1999) (Lebensmittel- und Biotechnologie) Volume 2, 58-61 .

Beef-what price for tenderness?

Dransfield E (1997) (Meat International) Volume 7, 24-27.

Beer identity in Denmark

Mejlholm O, Martens M (2006) (Food Quality & Preference) Volume 17, 108-115.

Beliefs and attitudes towards the consumption of sugar-free products in a sample of Italian adolescents

Messina F, Saba A, Vollono C, Leclercq C, Piccinelli R (2004) (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition) Volume 58 (Issue 3), 420-428.

Biochemical activities of micrococcaceae and their effects on the aromatic profiles and odours of a dry sausage model

Montel M C, Reitz J, Talon R, Berdagué J-L, Rousset-Akrim S (1996) (Food Microbiology) Volume 13, 489-499.

Biotechnology in agriculture: perceived risks, benefits and attitudes in Italy

Saba A, Rosati S, Vassallo M (2000) (British Food Journal).

Bite force and sample deformation during hardness assessment of viscoelastic models of foods

Peyron M A, Mioche L, Culioli J (1994) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 25, 59-76.

Bite force displayed during assessment of hardness in various texture contexts

Mioche L, Peyron M A (1995) (Archives of Oral Biology) Volume 40, 415-423.

Bitterness and astringency of flavan-3-ol monomers, dimers and trimers

Peleg H, Gacon K, Schlich P, Noble A C (1999) (Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture) Volume 79, 1123-1128.

Breastfeeding and experience with variety early in weaning increase infants’ acceptance of new foods for up to two months

Maier AS, Chabanet C, Schaal B, Leathwood PD, Issanchou SN (2008) (Clinical Nutrition) Volume 27, 849-857.

Bridge-PLS regression: two-block bilinear regression without deflation

Gidskehaug L, Stødkilde-Jørgensen H, Martens M, Martens H (2004) (Journal of Chemometrics) Volume 18, 208-215.

Buyers’ demand for ready meals – influenced by gender and who will eat them

Ahlgren M K, Gustafsson I-B, Hall, G (2006) (Journal of Foodservice) Volume 17, 205-211.

Calibration methods for sensory testing of food contact materials: Results of inter-comparison trials

C. Gilbert (2005) (CCFRA R&D Report) Volume 211.

Calpain-calpastatin and toughness in M. Longissimus from electrically stimulated lamb and beef carcasses


Can sodium contents of food be reduced by adding flavors? Studies with beef broth

Tuorila H, Hellemann U, Matuszewska I (1990) (Physiology and Behavior) Volume 47, 709-712.

Canned Produce Market 1989-1990: Sensory Assessment and Product Report

Colwill J S (1991) (CCFRA Technical Bulletin) Volume 81.

Caractéristiques de la mémoire des aliments :conséquences sur la perception des aliments (Characteristics of memory for foods: Consequences for food perception)

Sulmont-Rossé C, Issanchou S, Köster EP (2003) (Psychologie Française) Volume 48 (Issue 4), 9-21.

Carboxymethyl cellulose on the perception of sweetness and flavour

Mälkki Y, Heiniö R-L, Autio K (1993) (Food Hydrocolloids) Volume 6, 525-532.

Cartographie des Préférences. Un outil statistique pour l'industrie agro-alimentaire

Schlich P, McEwan JA (1992) (Sciences des aliments) Volume 12, 339-355.

Changes in Flavour and Metal Content of Lager During Storage

Griffiths N M (1991) (Journal of the Institute of Brewing) Volume 97, 173-179.

Characterization and sensory properties of volatile nitrogen compounds from natural isolates

Boelens M H, Gemert L J van (1994) (Perfumer & Flavorist) Volume 19, 51-65.

Charakterystyka jakosci sensorycznej kondensatow aromatu jablkowego uzyskanych z surowca o zroznicowanej jakosci technologicznej i skladzie odminianowym

Barylko-Pikielna N, Matuszewska I, Szczecinska A, Radzanowska J (2000) (Zywnosc) Volume 7 (Issue 2(23)), 5-20.

Chemical and sensory characterisation of pan-fried pork flavour: Interactions between raw meat quality, ageing and frying temperature

Meinert L, Andersen L T, Bredie W L P, Bjergegaard C, Aaslyng M D (2007) (Meat Science) Volume 75, 229-242.

Chemical and sensory properties of liquid beet sugar

Pihlsgård P, Larsson M, Leufvén A, Lingnert H (1999) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Volume 47 (Issue 10), 4346-4352.

Chemical composition, functional properties and sensory profiling of einkorn (Triticum monococcum L.)

Løje H, Møller B, Laustsen A M, Hansen Å (2003) (Journal of Cereal Science) Volume 37, 231-240.

Chemical constituents and sensory assessment of kiwifruit(Actinidia chinesis var. chinesis): electrochemical and multivariate analysis

Esti M, Messia, M C, Bertocchi P, Sinesio F, Moneta E, Nicotra A, Fantechi P, Palleschi G (1998) (Food Chemistry) Volume 61, 293-300.

Chemical senses and food quality perception. A literature review.

Wendin K (1999).

Chemotaxonomy of the essential oils of the blackcurrant buds (Ribes sp.) from major terpenes (hydrocarbons and oxygenated compounds)

Latrasse A, Schlich P, Quere J (1990) (Lebensmittel Wissenschaft und Technologie) Volume 23, 377-385.

Chewing behaviour and bolus formation during mastication of meat with different textures

MIOCHE L, BOURDIOL P, MONIER S (2003) (Arch Oral Biol 48) Volume 48, 193-200.

Chewing pattern of various texture foods studied by electromyography in young and elderly populations

KOHYAMA K, MIOCHE L, MARTIN J F (2002) (J Text Stud 33) Volume 33, 269-283.

Cluster Analysis and Preference Mapping

CCFRA (1998) (Review) Volume 12.

Cold Storage of Foods

Griffiths N M (1989) (European Food and Drink Review), 43-46.

Combined effects on chilling rate, low voltage electrical stimulation and freezing on sensory properties of bovine M. Longissimus dorsi

Hildrum K I, Solvang M, Nilsen B N, Frøystein T, Berg J (1998) (Meat Science).

Combined procrustes analysing and PLSR for internal and external mapping of data from multiple sources

Dijksterhuis G, Martens H, Martens M (2005) (Computational Statistics & Data Analysis) Volume 48, 47-62.

Comment distinguer par évaluation sensorielle les foies gras d’oie et de canard ? Etude préliminaire. (How can sensory evaluation distinguish foies gras from goose and duck. Initial study)

Rousset-Akrim S, Bayle M C, Martin J F, Touraille C (1994) (Science des Aliments) Volume 14, 777-784.

Comments on ‘‘subjective appraisal of loudspeaker directivity for multichannel work”, author’s reply

Zacharov N (2000) (Journal of the Audio Engineering Society) Volume 48 (Issue 4), 317–321.

Comparative training procedures to learn odor descriptors : effects on profiling performance

Sulmont C, Lesschaeve I, Sauvageot F, Issanchou S (1999) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 14, 467-490.

Comparing information obtained from ranking and descriptive tests of four sweet corn products

RODRIGUE N, GUILLET M, FORTIN J, MARTIN, J F (2000) (Food Qual Prefer) Volume 11, 47-54.

Comparison between an odour profile and a flavour profile of dry fermented sausages

Rousset-Akrim S, Martin J F, Bayle M C, Berdagué J L (1997) (International Journal of Food Science and Technology) Volume 32, 539-546.

Comparison of affective rating scales and their relationship to variables reflecting food consumption

Tuorila H, Huotilainen A, Lähteenmäki L, Ollila S, Tuomi-Nurmi S, Urala N (2008) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 19, 51-61.

Comparison of descriptive sensory analysis and chemical analysis for oxidative changes in milk

Hedegaard R V, Kristensen D, Nielsen H J, Frøst M B, Østdal H, Hermansen J E, Kröger-Ohlsen M, Skibsted L H (2006) (Journal of Dairy Science) Volume 89, 495-504.

Comparison of Home Use Test and Central Location Test by use of Preference Mapping

Sverkén A, Wendin K, Åström, A (2007) (SIK-Rapport) Volume 763, 70 + 29 p.

Comparison of multivariate methods of analysis to evaluate panelists performance

Sinesio F, Saba A, Moneta E (1993) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 3, 201-208.
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