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Sensory evaluation of precooked chicken meat with mate (Ilex paraguariensis) added as antioxidant

Aline M. C. Racanicci, Bodil Helene Allesen-Holm, Leif H. Skibsted (2009) (European Food Research and Technology) Volume 229, 277 - 280. doi:10.1007/s00217-009-1052-x

Sensory shelf life determination of a processed meat product ‘rullepølse’ and microbial metabolites as potential indicators

Sandra Stolzenbach, Jørgen J. Leisner, Derek V. Byrne (2009) (Meat Science) Volume 83, 285 - 292. doi:10.1016/j.meatsci.2009.05.011


FIORELLA SINESIO, FRANCISCO JAVIER COMENDADOR, MARINA PEPARAIO, ELISABETTA MONETA (2009) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 24, 554 - 580. doi: 10.1111/j.1745-459X.2009.00226.x

Contribution of the Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS) method to the sensory description of subtle differences in partially dealcoholized red wines

S. Meillon, C. Urbano, P. Schlich (2009) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 20, 490 - 499. doi:10.1016/j.foodqual.2009.04.006


C. MICHON, M.G. O'SULLIVAN, C.M. DELAHUNTY, J.P. KERRY (2009) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 24, 922 - 937. doi:10.1111/j.1745-459X.2009.00245.x

Three-Block Data Modeling by Endo- and Exo-LPLS Regression

Solve Sæbø, Magni Martens, Harald Martens (2009) (Handbook of Partial Least Squares), 359 - 379. doi:10.1007/978-3-540-32827-8_17

Consumer-driven definition of traditional food products and innovation in traditional foods. A qualitative cross-cultural study

Luis Guerrero, Maria Dolors Guàrdia, Joan Xicola, Wim Verbeke, Filiep Vanhonacker, Sylwia Zakowska-Biemans, Marta Sajdakowska, Claire Sulmont-Rossé, Sylvie Issanchou, Michele Contel, M. Luisa Scalvedi, Britt Signe Granli, Margrethe Hersleth (2009) (Appetite) Volume 52, 345 - 354. doi:10.1016/j.appet.2008.11.008

Willingness to use functional breads. Applying the Health Belief Model across four European countries

Marco Vassallo, Anna Saba, Anne Arvola, Moira Dean, Federico Messina, Markus Winkelmann, Erika Claupein, Liisa Lähteenmäki, Richard Shepherd (2009) (Appetite) Volume 52, 452 - 460. doi:10.1016/j.appet.2008.12.008

Use of a test of perceived authenticity to trigger affective responses when testing food

Isabelle Boutrolle, Julien Delarue, Ep Köster, Delphine Aranz, Marc Danzart (2009) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 20, 418 - 426. doi:10.1016/j.foodqual.2009.03.004

A study on texture-taste-aroma interactions: physico-chemical and cognitive mechanisms.

Tournier C, Sulmont-Rosse C, Sémon E, Vignon A, Issanchou S, Guichard E (2009) (International Dairy Journal) Volume 19, 450-458.

Development of food variety in children

Nicklaus S (2009) (Appetite) Volume 52, 253-255.

Development of olfactory ability in children: sensitivity and identification

Monnery-Patris S, Rouby C, Nicklaus S, Issanchou S (2009) (Developmental Psychobiology) Volume 51, 268-276.

Effect of fibre information on consumer willingness to pay for French baguettes

Ginon E, Loheac Y, Martin C, Combris P, Issanchou S (2009) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 20, 343-352.

Food Choice Questionnaire (FCQ) Revisited: Suggestions for the Development of an Enhanced General Food Motivation Model

Fotopoulos C, Krystallis A, Vassallo M, Pagiaslis A (2009) (Appetite) Volume 52, 199-208.

Food choices: What do we learn from combining sensory and economic experiments?

Combris P, Bazoche P, Giraud-Heraud E, Issanchou S (2009) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 20, 550-557.

Mass-Spectrometry Based Characterisation of Infant Whole Saliva Peptidome.

Lucchi G, Chambon C, Truntzer C, Pecqueur D, Ducoroy P, Schwartz C, Nicklaus S, Morzel M (2009) (International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics) Volume 15, 177-185.

Quality of raw salmon fillet as a predictor of cooked salmon quality

Rødbotten M, Lea P, Ueland Ø (2009) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 20, 13–23.

Sweetness and texture perception in mixed pectin gels with 30% sugar and a designed rheology

Holm K, Wendin K, Hermansson A-M (2009) (LWT – Food Science and Technology) Volume 42, 788-795.

Meat Packaging

O’Sullivan MG, Kerry JP (2009) (CH 13, In Handbook of Meat Processing. Ed: Professor Fidel Toldrá. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, West Sussex, UK, 211-230).

A sensory description of boar taint and the effects of crude and dried chicory roots (Cichorium intybus L.) and inulin feeding in male and female pork

Derek V. Byrne, Stig M. Thamsborg, Laurits L. Hansen (2008) (Meat Science) Volume 79, 252 - 269. doi:10.1016/j.meatsci.2007.09.009

Best–worst scaling: An introduction and initial comparison with monadic rating for preference elicitation with food products

Sara R. Jaeger, Anne S. Jørgensen, Margit D. Aaslyng, Wender L.P. Bredie (2008) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 19, 579 - 588. doi:10.1016/j.foodqual.2008.03.002

Colour and viscosity of milk and soybean vanilla beverages. Instrumental and sensory measurements

Beatriz Villegas, Inmaculada Carbonell, Elvira Costell (2008) (Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture) Volume 88, 397 - 403. doi:10.1002/jsfa.3099

Differential transfer of dietary flavour compounds into human breast milk

Helene Hausner, Wender L.P. Bredie, Christian Mølgaard, Mikael Agerlin Petersen, Per Møller (2008) (Physiology & Behavior) Volume 95, 118 - 124. doi:10.1016/j.physbeh.2008.05.007

Effect of Age and Food Novelty on Food Memory

Claire Sulmont-Rossé, Per Møller, Sylvie Issanchou, E. P. Köster (2008) (Chemosensory Perception) Volume 1, 199 - 209. doi:10.1007/s12078-008-9025-1

Effect of feeding fermentable fibre-rich feedstuffs on meat quality with emphasis on chemical and sensory boar taint in entire male and female pigs

Laurits Lydehøj Hansen, Sandra Stolzenbach, Jens Askov Jensen, Poul Henckel, Jens Hansen-Møller, Kostas Syriopoulos, Derek V. Byrne (2008) (Meat Science) Volume 80, 1165 - 1173. doi:10.1016/j.meatsci.2008.05.010

Effect of sensory education on willingness to taste novel food in children

C. Reverdy, F. Chesnel, P. Schlich, E.P. Köster, C. Lange (2008) (Appetite) Volume 51, 156 - 165. doi:10.1016/j.appet.2008.01.010

Effects of oxygen concentration on the sensory evaluation and quality indicators of beef muscle packed under modified atmosphere

P.I. Zakrys, S.A. Hogan, M.G. O’Sullivan, P. Allen, J.P. Kerry (2008) (Meat Science) Volume 79, 648 - 655. doi:10.1016/j.meatsci.2007.10.030

Effects of product information and consumer attitudes on responses to milk and soybean vanilla beverages

Beatriz Villegas, Inmaculada Carbonell, Elvira Costell (2008) (Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture) Volume 88, 2426 - 2434. doi:10.1002/jsfa.3347

Impact of the arousal potential of uncommon drinks on the repeated exposure effect

Claire Sulmont-Rossé, Claire Chabanet, Sylvie Issanchou, E.P. Köster (2008) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 19, 412 - 420. doi:10.1016/j.foodqual.2007.12.003

Food memory and its relation with age and liking: An incidental learning experiment with children, young and elderly people

M. Laureati, L. Morin-Audebrand, E. Pagliarini, C. Sulmont-Rossé, E.P. Köster, J. Mojet (2008) (Appetite) Volume 51, 273 - 282. doi:10.1016/j.appet.2008.02.019

Prediction of sensory properties of low-fat yoghurt and cream cheese from surface images

S.M.B. Johansen, J.L. Laugesen, T. Janhøj, R.H. Ipsen, M.B. Frøst (2008) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 19, 232 - 246. doi:10.1016/j.foodqual.2007.03.006

Prediction of sensory properties of low-fat yoghurt and cream cheese from surface images

S.M.B. Johansen, J.L. Laugesen, T. Janhøj, R.H. Ipsen, M.B. Frøst (2008) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 19, 232 - 246. doi:10.1016/j.foodqual.2007.03.006


JANNA BITNES, ØYDIS UELAND, PER MØLLER, MAGNI MARTENS (2008) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 23, 852 - 870. doi:10.1111/j.1745-459X.2008.00191.x

Sensory and rheological characterization of acidified milk drinks

Thomas Janhøj, Michael Bom Frøst, Richard Ipsen (2008) (Food Hydrocolloids) Volume 22, 798 - 806. doi:10.1016/j.foodhyd.2007.03.006


M.D. AASLYNG, M.B. FRØST (2008) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 23, 720 - 742. doi:10.1111/j.1745-459X.2008.00182.x

The influence of information about organic production and fair trade on preferences for and perception of pineapple

Astrid Poelman, Jos Mojet, David Lyon, Samuel Sefa-Dedeh (2008) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 19, 114 - 121. doi:10.1016/j.foodqual.2007.07.005

User-oriented innovation in the food sector: relevant streams of research and an agenda for future work?

K GRUNERT, B JENSEN, A SONNE, K BRUNSO, D BYRNE, C CLAUSEN, A FRIIS, L HOLM, G HYLDIG, N KRISTENSEN (2008) (Trends in Food Science & Technology) Volume 19, 590 - 602. doi:10.1016/j.tifs.2008.03.008

A review of ingredients, physiological mechanisms and measurements involved in the enhancement of satiation

Thomas SD, Chapman SJ (2008) (CCFRA Review) Volume 60.

Breastfeeding and experience with variety early in weaning increase infants’ acceptance of new foods for up to two months

Maier AS, Chabanet C, Schaal B, Leathwood PD, Issanchou SN (2008) (Clinical Nutrition) Volume 27, 849-857.

Comparison of affective rating scales and their relationship to variables reflecting food consumption

Tuorila H, Huotilainen A, Lähteenmäki L, Ollila S, Tuomi-Nurmi S, Urala N (2008) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 19, 51-61.

Effects of Sorghum Type and Milling Process on the Sensory Characteristics of Sorghum Porridge

Kebakile MM, Rooney LW, de Kock HL, Taylor JRN (2008) (Cereal Chem.) Volume 85 (Issue 3), 307-313.

Esti M, Moneta E, Sinesio F

Phenolic compounds and sensory attributes of red wine related to winemaking techniques (2008) (Proceeding of XXIV International Conference on Polyphenols. 8-11 July 2008 Salamanca. Spain.), 705-708.

FAMM: from food to meal research on the product aspect of the meal experience

Öström Å, Rapp E, Prim M (2008) (Journal of Foodservice) Volume 19 (Issue 1), 63-68.

Flavour and Texture as Critical Sensory Parameters of Consumer Acceptance of Barley Pasta

Sinesio F, Paoletti F, D’Egidio M.G, Moneta E, Nardo N, Peparaio M, Comendador FJ (2008) (Cereal Food World) Volume 53 (Issue 4), 206-213.

Food memory and its relation with age and liking: an incidental learning experiment with children, young and elderly people

Laureati M, Morin-Audebrand L, Pagliarini E, Sulmont-Rossé C, Köster EP, Mojet J (2008) (Appetite) Volume 51, 273-282.

Frequencies of use and valuation of cereal products among European consumers - Results out of the Health Grain Project

Claupein E, Winkelmann M, Arvola A, Dean M, Vassallo M, Lähteenmäki L, Saba A, Shepherd R (2008) (Cereal Technology) Volume 2, 111-118.

From sensory marketing to sensory design: How to drive formulation using consumer's input?

Raz C, Piper D, Haller R, Nicod H, Dusart N, Giboreau A (2008) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 19 (Issue 8), 719 - 726.

Intervento di educazione alimentare e del gusto per incrementare l’assunzione di ortaggi, legumi, e frutta nei bambini (Testing a nutritional and taste education intervention approach to increase vegetables and fruit consumption among children

D’Addesa D, Martone D, Sinesio F, Marzi V, Comendador FJ, Peparaio M, Cairella G, Panetta V, Sette S (2008) (Annali di Igiene) Volume 20 (Issue 2), 159-169.

Older people and convenience in meal preparation: a European study on understanding their perception towards vegetable soup preparation

Saba A, Messina F, Turrini A, Raats M, Lumbers MM (2008) (International Journal of Consumer Studies) Volume 32 (Issue 2), 147-156.

Predicting intentions to purchase organic food: The role of affective and moral attitudes in the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Arvola A, Vassallo M, Dean M, Lampila P, Saba A, Lahteenmaki L, Shepherd R (2008) (Appetite) Volume 50 (Issue 2), 443-454.
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