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Prediction of creamy mouthfeel based on texture attribute ratings of dairy desserts

Weenen H, Jellema RH, de Wijk RA (2005) (Weenen H, Shahidi F (Eds.): Flavour and texture of lipid containing foods. American Chemical Society, Washington DC).

Preventing lipid oxidation during recovery of functional proteins from herring (Clupea harengus) fillets by an acid solubilization process

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Retronasal flavour measurements and perception of foods

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Ricerca esplorativa sulla relazione tra la qualità sensoriale attesa e quella percepita in un biscotto di farro di produzione industriale (Explorative study on the relationships of expected and perceived sensory quality in industrial emmer wheat biscuits

Comendador FJ, Moneta E, Peparaio M, Sinesio F (2005) (6th Convegno della Associazione Italiana di Scienza e Tecnologia dei Cereali (AISTEC), 16-18 June 2005, Valenzano, Italy).

Sensory evaluation in Enciclopedia of Analytical Science

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Smagens fysiologi

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Studio delle proprietà sensoriali di oli di oliva vergini laziali (Study of the sensory properties of virgin olive oil of Lazio Region)

Moneta E, Comendador FJ, Peparaio M, Sinesio F (2005) (7th Congresso Italiano di Scienza e Tecnologia degli Alimenti (CISETA), 19-21 September 2005, Cernobbio, Italy).

The role of fats in friction and lubrication.

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The role of friction in perceived oral texture

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Enzyme-aided modification of perceived flavour and texture of microwave-heated beefburgers.

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Monitoring calibration of descriptive sensory panels using distance from target measurements

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2005, '' (2005) (AORN Journal) Volume 109, 256 - 261. doi:10.1016/j.foodqual.2019.05.004

A parametric model for time-intensity curves

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A prospective study of food preferences in childhood

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A sensory map of the meat universe

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Adding flavour to whole grain products

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Analysis of sensory data of different food products by ANOVA

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Applying machine learning methods in studying relationships between mouthfeel and microstructure in oat bread

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Attitudes and beliefs directed towards ready meal consumption

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Attitudes behind consumers’ willingness to use functional foods

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Attitudes towards the use of GMOs in food production and their impact on buying intention: The role of positive sensory experience

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Beliefs and attitudes towards the consumption of sugar-free products in a sample of Italian adolescents

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Bridge-PLS regression: two-block bilinear regression without deflation

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Comparison of the sensory properties, rheology and microscopic structure of desserts made from either gelatin or pectin

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Consumer and health: getting the probiotic message across

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Consumer choices of pork chops: results from three consumer panels in France

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Culture and odor categorization: agreement between cultures depends upon the odors.

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Do age differences in odour memory depend on differences in verbal memory?

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Effect of concentration on taste-taste interactions in food for elderly and young subjects

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Effects of gluten and transglutaminase on microstructure, sensory characteristics and instrumental texture of oat bread

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Effects of type of packaging material on shelf-life of fresh broccoli by means of canges in weight, colour and texture

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Exploring difficult textural properties of fruit and vegetables for the elderly in Finland and the United Kingdom

Roininen K, Fillion L, Kilcast D, Lähteenmäki L (2004) (Food Quality and Preference ) Volume 15, 517-530.

Flavor Characterization of Ripened Cod Roe by Gas Chromatography, Sensory Analysis, and Electronic Nose

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Flavor release measurement from gum-based model systems. Relation between instrumental APCI-MS and sensory TI profiles

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Gut health foods

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Impression formation of functional food consumers.

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Incidental learning and memory for three basic tastes in food

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Influence of feeding different types of roughage on the oxidative stability of milk

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Influence of packaging material and storage temperature on the sensory quality of broccoli

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Influence of temperature, modified atmosphere packaging, and heat treatment on aroma compounds in broccoli

Jacobsson A, Nielsen T, Sjoholm I (2004) (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) Volume 52 (Issue 6), 1607-1614.

Le Profil sensoriel : un outil au service du marketing.

Giboreau A, Garrel C, Nicod H (2004) (Revue française du marketing) Volume 196 (Issue 1/5), 5-16.

Measuring and predicting the perceived quality of music and speech subjected to combined linear and nonlinear distortion

Moore BJC, Tan CT, Zacharov N, Mattila VV (2004) (Journal of the Audio Engineering Society) Volume 52 (Issue 12), 1228 - 1244.

Migration of model contaminants from PET bottles: influence of temperature, food stimulant and functional barrier

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Nutritional knowledge and concerns about meat of elderly French people in the aftermath of the crises over BSE and foot-and-mouth

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Perceived role of fibre in a healthy diet among Finnish consumers

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Perceptive free sorting and verbalization tasks with naive subjects : an alternative to descriptive mappings

Faye P, Bremaud D, Durand Daubin M, Courcoux P, Giboreau A, Nicod H (2004) (Food quality and Preference) Volume 15, 781-791.

Predicting the Perceived Quality of Nonlinearly Distorted Music and Speech Signals

Tan CT, Moore BJC, Mattila VV, Zacharov N (2004) (Journal of the Audio Engineering Society) Volume 52 (Issue 7), 699-711.

Relating microstructure, sensory and instrumental texture of processed oat

Salmenkallio-Marttila, M., Heiniö RL, Myllymäki O, Lille M, Autio K, Poutanen K (2004) (Agricultural and Food Science) Volume 13, 124-137.

Release of peppermint flavour compounds from chewing gum: effect of oral functions

Haahr A-M, Bardow A, Thomsen C E, Jensen S B, Nauntofte B, Bakke M, Adler-Nissen J, Bredie W L P (2004) (Physiology & Behavior) Volume 82, 531-540.

Sensory and instrumental analysis of longitudinal and transverse textural variation in pork Longissimus dorsi

Hansen S, Hansen T, Aaslyng M D, Byrne D V (2004) (Meat Science) Volume 68, 612-629.
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