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Consumer and sensory investigation in relation to physical/chemical aspects of cooked pork in Scandinavia

Bryhni E A, Byrne, D V, Rødbotten M, Møller S, Claudi-Magnussen C, Karlsson A, Agerhem H, Johansson M, Martens M (2003) (Meat Science) Volume 65 (Issue 2), 737-748.

Consumer perceptions : Pork and pig production. insights from France, England, Sweden and Denmark

Ngapo T M, Martin J F, Dransfield E, Nute G R, Magnusson M, Bredahl L (2003) (Meat Science) Volume 66, 125-134.

Consumer perceptions: pork and pig production

Ngapo TN, Dransfield E, Martin J-F, Magnusson M, Bredhal L, Nute GR (2003) Volume 66, 125-134.

Daily protein intakes and eating patterns in young and elderly French

Rousset S, Patureau Mirand P, Brandolini M, Martin J-F, Boirie Y (2003) (British Journal of Nutrition) Volume 90 (Issue 6), 1107-1115.

Descriptive sensory profiling and physical/chemical analyses of warmed over flavour in meat patties, in carriers and non carriers of the RN allele

Byrne D V, O’Sullivan M G, Bredie W L P, Martens M (2003) (Meat Science) Volume 63, 211-224.

Development of the ETOC: A European test of olfactory capabilities

Thomas-Daguin T, Rouby C, Sicard G, Viguouroux M, Farget V, Johansson A, Bengtzon A, Hall G, Ormel W, De Graaf C, Rousseau F, Dumont J-P (2003) (Rhinology) Volume 41, 142-151.

Differential human electrodermal responses to odours

Møller P, Dijksterhuis G (2003) (Neuroscience Letters) Volume 346, 129-132.

Drought effects on green pea texture and related physical- chemical properties at comparable maturity

Sørensen J N, Edelenbos M, Wienberg L (2003) (Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science) Volume 128, 128-135.

Effect of sensory perception of foods on appetite and food intake: a review of studies on humans

Sørensen L B, Møller P, Flint A, Martens M, Raben A (2003) (International Journal of Obesity) Volume 27, 1152-1166.

Effect of sodium citrate, carboxymethyl cellulose and carrageenan levels on quality of low-salt and low-fat bologna type sausages

Ruusunen M, Vainionpää J, Puolanne E, Lyly M, Lähteenmäki L, Niemistö M, Ahvenainen R (2003) (Meat Science) Volume 64, 371-381.

Effects pf Sorghum Cultivar on Innjera Quality

Yetneberk S, de Kock HL, Rooney LW, Taylor JRN (2003) (Cereal Chem) Volume 81 (Issue 3), 314-321.

Evaluation of pork colour: prediction of visual sensory quality of meat from instrumental and computer vision methods of colour analysis

O`Sullivan M, Byrne D V, Martens H, Gidskehaug L H, Andersen H J, Martens M (2003) (Meat Science) Volume 65, 909-918.

Flavor release measurement by atmospheric pressure chemical ionization trap mass spectrometry, construction of interface and mathematical modeling of release profiles

Haahr A-M, Madsen H, Smedsgaard J, Bredie W L P, Stahnke L H, Refsgaard H H F (2003) (Analytical chemistry) Volume 75, 655-662.

High-amylose starch-pectin mixed gels - rheological properties, microstructure and sensory perception

Autio K, Kuuva T, Roininen K, Lähteenmäki L (2003) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 33, 473-486.

Influence of age and dental status onchewing behaviour studied by EMG recordings during consumption of variousfood samples

Kohyama K, Mioche L, Bourdiol P (2003) (Gerodontology) Volume 20 (Issue 1), 15-23.

Influence of durum wheat cultivar on the sensory profile of the staling rate of “Altamura” bread

Raffo A, Pasqualone A, Sinesio F, Paoletti F, Quaglia G, Simenone R (2003) (European Food Research Technology) Volume 218, 49-55.

Influence of oat ß-glucan preparations on the perception of mouthfeel and on rheological properties in beverage prototypes

Lyly M, Salmenkallio-Marttila M, Suortti T, Autio K, Poutanen K, Lähteenmäki L (2003) (Cereal Chemistry) Volume 80, 536-541.

Influence of packaging material and storage temperature on the sensiry quality of broccoli

Jacobsson A, Nielsen T, Sjöholm I, Wendin K (2003) (Food Quality and Preference).

Le profil sensoriel : les limites d'un savoir-faire empirique

Giboreau A, Dacremont C (2003) (Psychologie Française) Volume 48 (Issue 4), 69-78.

Meat quality and composition of three muscles from French cull cows and young bulls

Dransfield E, Martin J-F, Bauchard D, Abouelkaram S, Lepetit J, Culioli J, Jurie C, Picard B (2003) (Animal Science) Volume 76, 387-399.

Meat texture of commercial lambs from different European production systems

Sañudo C, Alfonso M, Sanchez A, Berge P, Dransfield E, Zygoyiannis D, Stamataris C, Thorkelsson G, Valdimarsdottir T, Piasentier E, Mills C, Nute G R, Fisher A V (2003) (Australian Journal of Agricultural Research) Volume 54, 551-560.

Milling fractionation of rye produces different sensory profiles of both flour and bread.

Heiniö RL, Liukkonen KH, Katina K, Myllymäki O, Poutanen K (2003) (Food Science and Technology) Volume 36, 577-583.

NaCl and sugar release, salivation and taste during mastication of salted chewing gum

Neyraud E, Prinz J, Dransfield E (2003) (Physiol. Behaviour) Volume 79, 731-737.

Perception of melting and flavor release of ice cream containing different types and contents of fat

Hyvönen L, Linna M, Tuorila H, Dijksterhuis G (2003) (Journal of Dairy Science) Volume 86, 1130-1138.

Phenolic Compounds in Red-Berry Skins of UVA di Troia and Bombino Nero Grapes (Viis Vinifera L.)

Tamborra P, Esti M, Minafra M, Sinesio F (2003) (Italian Journal of Food Science) Volume 15 (Issue 3), 347-357.

Physical and sensory properties of law-salt phosphate-free frankfurters composed with various ingredients

Ruusunen M, Vainionpää J, Lyly M, Lähteenmäki L, Niemstö M, Ahvenainen R (2003) (Meat Science) Volume 63, 9-16.

Proficiency testing for sensory ranking panels: Measuring panel performance

McEwan J, Heiniö R L, Hunter E A, Lea P (2003) (Food Quality and Preference ) Volume 14, 247-256.

Protein intake of young and elderly French people living at home

Rousset S, Brandolini M, Martin J F, Droit-Volet S, Bonin D, Lhoutellier P, Simon H, Grandjean V, Boirie Y (2003) (Sciences Des Aliments) Volume 23, 56-60.

Qualità sensoriale di alimenti funzionali a base di cereali minori (Sensory quality of cereal based functional foods)

Comendador F J, Moneta E, Peparaio M, Sinesio F (2003) (Proceeding I° Congresso Nazionale SISS “Ruolo dell’Analisi Sensoriale per la valorizzazione delle produzioni Alimentari Italiane” 13-14 November), 18-22.

Quality Index Method (QIM) Schemedeveloped for Farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)

Sveinsdóttir K, Hyldig G, Martinsdóttir E, Jørgensen B, Kristbergsson K (2003) (Food Quality and Preferences) Volume 14 (Issue 3), 237-245.

Reasons behind consumers' functional food choices

Urala N, Lähteenmäki L (2003) (Nutrition & Food Science) Volume 33 (Issue 4), 148-158.

Relationship between sensory perception and flavour-active volatile compounds of germinated, sourdough fermented and native rye following the extrusion process

Heiniö RL, Katina K, Wilhelmson A, Myllymäki O, Rajamäki T, Latva-Kala K, Liukkonen KH, Poutanen K (2003) (Food Science and Technology) Volume 36, 533-545.

Repeatability in hedonic sensory measurement: a conceptual exploration

Köster EP, Couronne T, Léon F, Lévy C and Marcelino AS (2003) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 14, 165-176.

Sensory and chemical assessment of pork supplemented with iron and vitamin E.

O'Sullivan M G, Byrne D V, Nielsen J H, Andersen H J, Martens M (2003) (Meat Science) Volume 64, 175-189.

Sensory flavor-texture interactions for custards

de Wijk RA, Rasing F, Wilkinson CL (2003) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 34 (Issue 2).

Sensory properties of low fat yoghurts. Part A: Effect of fat content, fermentation culture and addition of non-fat dry milk on the sensory properties of plain yoghurts

Folkenberg D M, Martens M (2003) (Milchwissenschaft-Milk Science International) Volume 58, 48-51.

Sensory properties of low fat yoghurts. Part B: Hedonic evaluations of plain yoghurts by consumers correlated to fat content, sensory profile and consumer attitudes

Folkenberg D M, Martens M (2003) (Milchwissenschaft-Milk Science International) Volume 58, 154-157.

Simple Improvement of Consumer Fit in External Preference Mapping

Faber NM, Mojet J, Poelman AAM (2003) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 14, 455-461.

Sodium chloride and sugar release, salivation and taste during mastication of salted chewing gum

Neyraud E, Prinz J, Dransfield E (2003) (Physiology and Behaviour) Volume 79, 731-737.

Strength of health-related claims and their perceived advantage

Urala N, Arvola A, Lähteenmäki L (2003) (International Journal of Food Science and Technology) Volume 38 (Issue 7), 815-826.

Subtle differences in milk: comparison of an analytical and an affective test

Wolf Frandsen L, Dijksterhuis GB, Brockhoff PB, Martens M (2003) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 14 (Issue 5/6), 515-526.

Taste Perception with Age: Generic or Specific Losses in Supra-threshold Intensities of Five Taste Qualities?

Mojet J, Heidema J, Christ-Hazelhof E (2003) (Chemical Senses) Volume 28 (Issue 5), 397-413.

Texture and mouth-feel of semi-solid foods: Commercial mayonnaises, dressings, custard desserts and warm sauces

Weenen H, Van Gemert LJ, Van Doorn JM, Dijksterhuis GB, De Wijk RA (2003) (Journal of Texture Studies) Volume 34, 159-179.

Texture of semi-solids; sensory and instrumental measurements on vanilla custard desserts

de Wijk RA, van Gemert LJ, Terpstra MEJ, Wilkinson CL (2003) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 14 (Issue 4), 35-317.

The Effect of Nonlinear Distortion on the Perceived Quality of Music and Speech Signals

Tan CT, Moore BCJ, Zacharov N (2003) (Journal of the Audio Engineering Society) Volume 51 (Issue 11), 1012-1031.

The effect of oral and product temperature on the perception of flavor and texture attributes of semi-solids

Engelen L, de Wijk RA, Prinz JF, Janssen AM, Weenen H, Bosman F (2003) (Appetite) Volume 41, 273-281.

The psychology of food choice: some often encountered fallacies

Köster EP (2003) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 14, 359-373 .

The relation between saliva flow after different stimulations and the perception of flavor and texture attributes in custard desserts

Engelen L, de Wijk RA, Prinz JF, Bosman F (2003) (Physiology and Behavior) Volume 78 (Issue 1), 165-169.

The role of intra-oral manipulation in the perception of sensory attributes

de Wijk RA, Prinz JF, & Engelen L (2003) (Appetite) Volume 40 (Issue 1), 1-7.

The use of visible and near-infrared reflectance measurements to assess sensory changes in carrot texture and sweetness during heat treatment

De Belie N, Pedersen D K, Martens M, Bro R, Munck L, De Baedemaeker J (2003) (Biosystems Engineering) Volume 85, 213-225.
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