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Consumer preferences of pork chops – The Brazilian surveyThe 5th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium

Cipolli KMVA, Silveira ETF, Ngapo TM, Dransfield E (2003) (A sensory Revolution, Boston USA p 187).

Aspetti chimici e sensoriali di oli extra vergini di oliva in relazione alle condizioni di conservazione (Study of chemical and sensory aspects of virgin olive oils in relation to storage conditions)

Esti M, Moneta E, Panfili G, Fratianni A, Cinquanta L, Sinesio F (2003) (Proceeding I° Congresso Nazionale SISS “Ruolo dell’Analisi Sensoriale per la valorizzazione delle produzioni Alimentari Italiane” 13-14 November, Rome. p 133-136).

Profili aromatici e sensoriali di ecotipi di pomodoro campano (Aroma and sensory profiles of traditional Italian ecotypes of tomato)

Sinesio F, Moneta E, Peparaio M, Piombino P, Pessina R, Genovese A, Lisanti T, Moio L (2003) (Proceeding I° Congresso Nazionale SISS “Ruolo dell’Analisi Sensoriale per la valorizzazione delle produzioni Alimentari Italiane” 13-14 November, Rome. p 196-200).

Stability of disulfides and furanthiols in triacylglycerol autoxidation as model for warmed-over flavour

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Testing consumer responses to new packaging concepts

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Thermal inactivation of Nonproteolytic Clostridium Botulinum Type E Spores in Model Fish Media and in Vacuum-Packaged Hot-Smoked Fish Products

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Validity of ranking criteria in gas chromatography olfactometry methods

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Zur Sensorik von Madeleines und Tee

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Influence of processing on the flavour formation of oat and rye.

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A postero-anterior videofluorographic study of the intraoral management of food in man

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An Analysis of Human Response to the Irritancy of Acetone Vapors

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Application of Quality Index Method (QIM): Scheme in Shelf Life Study of Farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)

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Attitudes towards meat and meat-eating among adolescents in Norway: a qualitative study

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Chewing pattern of various texture foods studied by electromyography in young and elderly populations

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Consumer attitudes toward the use of genetic technoloy in tomato production in Italy

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Consumer issues: Consumer awareness of and attitudes towards functional foods

CCFRA (2002) (CCFRA Report) Volume 162.

Consumer perceptions of pork in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

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Data analytical methodology applied for training a sensory panel for evaluation of meat quality

O’Sullivan M, Byrne D V, Martens H, Martens M (2002) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 17, 539-558.

Des représentations différentes vis à vis de l’alimentation, de la viande et de la santé chez les personnes jeunes et âgées?

Rousset S, Brandolini M, Martin JF, Bonin D, Lhoutellier P, Simon H, Vergote M, Boirie Y, Droit-VoletS (2002) (Age et Nutrition) Volume 13 (Issue 2), 76-85.

Differences between sensory profiles and development of rancidity during long-term storage of native and processed oat

Heiniö R L, Lehtinen P, Oksman-Caldentey K M, Poutanen K (2002) (Cereal Chemistry) Volume 79 (Issue 3), 367-375.

Discrepancy between the expected and actual acceptability of meat products, eggs and fish : the case of older consumers

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Effect of grass or concentrate feeding systems on lamb carcass and meat quality

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Effect of some beverages on the perception of some succeeding basic tastes

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Effect of temperature and pH on flavor volatiles in extrusion cooking of wheat flour

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Effects of calcium chloride-based prefreezing treatments on the quality factors of strawberry jams

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Effects of storage conditions on lipolysis, proteolysis and sensory attributes in high quality raw milk

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Gender and handedness effects on hedonicity of laterally presented odours

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Gender specific preferences and attitudes towards meat

E. Kubberød, Ø. Ueland, M. Rødbotten, F. Westad and E. Risvik (2002) (Food Quality and Preference ) Volume 13, 285-294.

Impact of the information provided to consumers on their willingness to pay for Champagne: comparison with hedonic scores.

Lange C, Martin C, Chabanet C, Combris P, Issanchou S (2002) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 13, 597-608.

Implicit learning: a basis for food expectations

Mojet J, Köster EP (2002) (Appetite) Volume 38, 110-117.

Jakosc sensoryczna rynkowych sokow jablkowych i pomaranczowych ( Sensory quality of apple and orange juice)

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Modeling of calcium chloride and pectin methylesterase prefreezing treatments of strawberries and jams

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Monitoring of taints related to printed solid boards with an electron ic nose

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Perception of sweetness and sourness in apple juice varying in sucrose level and its relation to hedonic response in elderly and young adults

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Physicochemical and sensory fruit characteristics of two sweet cherry cultivars during storage

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Proactive and Retroactive Interference in Implicit Odor Memory

Köster EP, Degel J, Piper D (2002) (Chemical Senses) Volume 27, 191-207.

Relationship between taste and chewing patterns of visco-elastic model foods

Alfonso M, Neyraud E, Blanc O, Peyron M A, Dransfield E (2002) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 17, 193-206.

Selection of a subset of variables: minimisation of Procrustes loss between a subset and the full set

Dijksterhuis G B, Frøst M B, Byrne D V (2002) (Food Quality and Preference) Volume 13, 89-97.

Selection of odorants for memory tests on the basis of familiarity, perceived complexity, pleasantness, similarity and identification

Sulmont C, Issanchou S and Köster EP (2002) (Chemical Senses) Volume 27, 307-317.

Sensory analysis for magnetic resonance-image analysis: Using human perception and cognition to segment and assess the interior of potatoes

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Sensory and chemical investigations on the effect of oven cooking on warmed-over flavour development in chicken meat

Byrne D V, Bredie W L P, Mottram D S, Martens M (2002) (Meat Science) Volume 61, 127-139.

Sensory colour assessment of fresh meat from pigs supplemented with iron and vitamin E

O’Sullivan M, Byrne D V, Stagsted J, Andersen H J, Martens M (2002) (Meat Science) Volume 60, 253-265.

Sensory meat quality and warmed-over flavour - a review.

Byrne D V, Bredie W L P (2002) (Research advances in the quality of meat and meat products.), 95-121.

Sensory of character impact components in an apple model mixture

Bult JHF; Schifferstein HNJ; Roozen JP; Dalmau-Boronat E, Voragen AJG; Kroeze JHA (2002) (Chemical Senses) Volume 27, 485-494 .

Sensory quality of sprouts of selected cruciferous species

Troszynska A, Lamparski G,Kozlowska H (2002) (Pol. J.Food Nutr.Sci.) Volume 11 (Issue 52), 138-141.

Texture and flavour memory in foods: An incidental learning experiment

Mojet J, Köster E P (2002) (Appetite) Volume 38, 110-117.

Texture Memory in Foods: An Implicit Learning Experiment

Mojet J, Köster EP (2002) (Appetite) Volume 38 (Issue 2), 110-117.

The effect of drinking milk, water or cola on the perception of subsequent basic tastes

Ahn N, Bom Frøst M, Wolf Frandsen L, Dijksterhuis GB, Martens M (2002) (Journal of Sensory Studies) Volume 17, 571-581.

The effect of oral and product temperature on the perception of temperature in liquids and semi-solids

Engelen L, de Wijk RA, Prinz JF, van der Bilt A, Jansen A, Bosman F (2002) (European Journal of Oral Science) Volume 110 (Issue 6), 412-416.

The relationship between chewing activity and food bolus properties obtained from different meat textures

MIOCHE L, BOURDIOL P, MONIER S, MARTIN J F (2002) (Food Qual Prefer) Volume 13, 583-588.
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