PanelCheck – A tool for visualising performance of sensory panels and assessors

The Norwegian ESN member MATFORSK is collaborating with the Technical University of Denmark  (DTU) and the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark (KVL) within the area of statistical methodology and strategies for quality assurance of sensory data. One integral part of this collaboration is the development of the software “PanelCheck”. PanelCheck is a tool that uses various of plots to evaluate results from descriptive analyses. These plots help the user to identify easily the performance of individual assessors and allow for precise and rapid feedback for future training sessions.

PanelCheck is open source software, meaning that it can be downloaded, used and distributed for free.  Complementary to our free open-source software PanelCheck, MATFORSK andTechnical University of Denmark (DTU) offer courses that help users maximise the benefits of deploying PanelCheck in their daily routines of training and improving their sensory panels.