Video: A new theory of odor perception

The sense of smell functions differently than the sense of vision. Yet for decades odor perception has been measured with the same techniques as visual perception.

Ep Köster proposes a different approach. His misfit theory of odor perception explains why we are so bad at identifying odors, and why this is good for us. His new theory leads to a better way of evaluating our sense of smell and of designing tests to understand consumer preferences.

You can choose between a long (30 min) and a short (5 min) version of the interview.

long version (30 min)

short version (5 min)


The theory is published in:

Front Psychol. 2014; 5: 64; “Misfit” Theory of Spontaneous Conscious Odor Perception (MITSCOP): reflections on the role and function of odor memory in everyday life. Ep Koester, Per Møller & Jozina Mojet


Ep Köster in his workroom in Putten, Netherlands.
The video was filmed by his son, filmmaker Heko Köster.


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