New: Individual Differences in Sensory & Consumer Science

The new book by Tormod Næs, Paula Varela and Ingunn Berget from ESN member Nofima just has been published.

Individual Differences in Sensory and Consumer Science: Experimentation, Analysis and Interpretation presents easily readable, state-of-the-art coverage on how to plan and execute experiments that give rise to individual differences, also providing the framework for successful analysis and interpretation of results. -> Opens external link in new windoworder here

The book highlights the different methodologies that can be applied and how to select the correct methodology based on the type of study you are performing, be it product research and development, quality control or consumer acceptance studies.

Written by an experienced team of statisticians and sensory and consumer scientists, the book provides both academics and industry professionals with the first complete overview of a topic of ever-increasing importance.

Key Features Identifies how to plan and execute experiments in sensory and consumer science Analyzes and interprets individual variances in sensory and consumer research Differentiates best practices for examining product development, quality control and consumer acceptanc.



Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. General concept and framework
3. Individual differences in descriptive sensory data
4. Individual differences in discrimination testing
5. Individual differences in projective mapping
6. Individual differences in CATA, sorting and PSP
7. Individual differences in TDS
8. Individual differences in consumer liking data (rating)
9. Individual differences in consumer liking data (choice based conjoint)
Appendix: The different statistical methods used Description

Details: Copyright: © Woodhead Publishing 2018 Published: 23rd February 2018 Imprint: Woodhead Publishing eBook ISBN: 9780081011140 Paperback ISBN: 9780081010006