New publication in FQP: Home versus lab testing

An ESN-funded study finds an advantage of home testing compared to lab testing.

3. August 2022


An analysis of 245 data sets from members of the European Sensory Network revealed that the pandemic-induced switch to testing products at home instead of in the lab did not impair the quality of the data gained from consumer product research.

It turned out that testing products at home reduced the noise in the data for certain testing methods. This improvement could be due to the study participants feeling more at ease and more committed when evaluating products from their own homes. Statistician Anne Hasted from ESN member Qi Statistics, who spearheaded the analysis, emphasizes: “This analysis indicates that In-Home testing has a place in the future post-pandemic world”.

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Link to the original publication

Anne Hasted, Jean A. McEwan, MaryJenner: Controlled product testing in the home - implications for sample size. Food Quality and Preference Volume 103, January 2023, 104688