Survey about the future of sensory & consumer science

Please participate in this survey for the next Pangborn conference.

11th of March 2019

Are you an expert in sensory and or consumer science*? Are you interested in the future of sensory and consumer science? Then we would like to hear your opinion!

For her keynote talk at the #Pangborn2019 conference, Nathalie Martin designed a survey to understand the direction sensory and consumer science is taking. The survey will take around 30 minutes.

To participate, please press here

and click "Participate Once".

When you have completed the survey and if you want to appear as a respondent in the keynote Nathalie Martin will give at the next Pangborn conference, please send an email to Opens window for sending; with your picture, name, affiliation and network membership if any.


* By sensory science/sensory experts, we mean the scientific discipline and related experts using human testing to characterize and understand what determines the sensory perceptions related to consumer goods (food, beverage, cosmetics, home care products, car, fabrics…). By consumer science/consumer experts, we mean the scientific discipline and related experts studying consumer preference, emotions, behaviors, usage, motivations, value drivers related to consumer goods.

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